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Dalum puts new water supply fire truck in service

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The Dalum Fire Protection Association has been successful in fundraising for a new apparatus and has put its new water supply tender into service.
Water to extinguish fires is crucial for a rural department. While the department has tankers, they typically carry 2,000 to 2,500 gallons. In a rural setting where hydrants are nonexistent and natural water supplies are diminishing, when a tender runs out of water, it has to go searching for a source.
The solution is a modern high-capacity tanker system which will help protect its Fire Protection Area, as well as Wheatland County, and surrounding areas.
The new tender is a tractor unit with a high-capacity tanker. The tanks are insulated so they are ready to use in any conditions, and will have the ability to carry 12,000 gallons of water to help fight fires.
Mike Morgan manager of Emergency and Fire Services for Wheatland County says the tanker was fully supported by the county’s capital committee.
“Water supply is such an important factor, and Dalum Fire is stepping up to help support the county, to utilize it in large events, basically it helps protect the county and its residents as a whole,” said Morgan.
“A lot of work and effort went into it. The nice thing that we like is the municipality has a lot of departments and the halls have different needs. In this circumstance, water supply can be an issue in the east part of the county and Dalum has basically solved that problem.”
He notes that the landscape is changing, with less available water as sloughs dry up.
Dalum Fire Chief Albert Jensen says the unit is not an initial responder but would come on the scene as a supporting unit where tenders would be able to refill and continue the important work of fighting the fire, and potentially saving lives and property.
It was called into service once this summer and performed well.
The tender comes with a price tag of about $875,000 and the Dalum Fire Protection Association is responsible for fundraising for 40 per cent of the cost. Dalum Fire Protection Association is open to further donations to support their efforts.

Hunter fined $1,500 for hunting out of appropriate season


A local hunter has been fined a total of $1,500 after pleading guilty in Alberta Court of Justice in Drumheller on Friday, August 25 to two Fish and Wildlife related charges stemming from a November 2021 incident.
John Wallace, who appeared in person, pled guilty to one count of hunting without a valid license, and one count of possession of illegal wildlife.
The court heard how Fish and Wildlife Officer Joa Markotic was informed of the incident from another Fish and Wildlife officer who was going through records in November 2022. It was discovered Mr. Wallace had reported shooting and killing an antlerless mule doe deer in the Drumheller area using a rifle in November 2021.
Officer Markotic attended Mr. Wallace’s residence and it was noted during this interaction Mr. Wallace had expressed remorse and was in full cooperation. It was noted there was no intention to break the law, and Mr. Wallace had a valid hunting license at the time of the incident; however, the license was only valid for the archery season, which had ended in October in the Drumheller region where the incident took place.
The Honourable Justice G.J. Gaschler accepted the plea and acknowledged the incident was accidental; he also acknowledged the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations, which is published annually, is “a whole day’s work” and undergoes multiple amendments from each edition.
Mr. Wallace was fined $1,000 for the charge of hunting without a valid license, and $500 for possession of illegal wildlife; both charges are inclusive of any surcharges, and Mr. Wallace will not be subject to any hunting suspension or forfeiture.
Remaining charges were withdrawn.

Starland Seed Cleaning plant being commissioned

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The new Starland Seed Cleaning plant is in the process of being commissioned this fall, and it is expected to be online for this season’s crop.
After years of fundraising and construction, the new Starland Seed Cleaning Plant, situated on 10 acres about two miles northwest of Delia on Highway 851, is nearing completion. The project broke ground in March of 2022. It was built to replace the aging plant in Delia, and also accommodate a new expanded business model to serve more customers. They are looking at it as more of a grain processing facility and possibly picking up some contracts for intermodal hauling.
Chariman Al Hampton tells the Mail that August 28 was day one of commissioning. He said they have the first truckload of wheat brought into the plant and are going through their plant to make sure the equipment and processes are running smoothly.
“Once it is commissioned, the next step is to get the plant up and running, so hopefully we’ll be back in the grain business this month,’ said Hampton. “For sure, we’ll be going for this year’s crop. Hopefully we’ll be going by early to mid-September.”
He explains they go through the entire process during this phase, from dumping and then distributing into bins and going through each piece of equipment through screening and the processes. This has to be timed precisely.
“You have to do that with a variety of types of grain. Right at this point, we have wheat, but we’ll have to do the same thing with barley and then the same with peas,” he said. “Those will be the big three that we’ll be targeting… It’s kind of exciting times.”
“The project has potential from the farming community perspective, and it is a good addition to a primarily agricultural area, so I think it will have many benefits for people in the community,” said Hampton.


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