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Tourism Champion awarded

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Mayor Heather Colberg, on behalf of Canadian Badlands, presented Vance Neudorf, executive director of Badlands AMP, with the Cindy Amos Tourism Champion Award at the Monday, April 1 council meeting. At the presentation are (l-r) Councillors Tom Zariski, Jay Garbutt, Lisa Hansen–Zacharuk, Mr. Neudorf, Mayor Colberg and Councillors Kristyne DeMott, Tony Lacher and Fred Makowecki.

Keep calm and vote on

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There has been some confusion about voter registration leading up to the Alberta provincial election.
    Since the election was called, there have been social media posts regarding voter pre-registration. A post circulated stating preregistration was required. This was compounded by a glitch in the Elections Alberta website that caused concerns. Drumheller-Stettler Returning Officer Janice Hoover says residents do not have to preregister and chances are most voters are already on the list.
    “If people were enumerated, they are on the list for sure. If they voted before, there is a very good chance they are on the list,” she said. “So really you should  be concerned about registering  if you weren’t enumerated or you have never voted before.”
    She says residents can call to see if they are registered. Residents can also go to  to register or to check if they are registered.
    “I don’t honestly know how (the online tool) is working today, they were getting so many enquires earlier this week they weren’t able to keep up,” she said Friday. March  29.  “There is a lot of interest because of all the messaging that has gone out on Facebook has caused some concern for electors.”
    Voters are also able to register at the polling station at advanced polls or on the day of the election. Voters are required to have one piece of government-issued identification such as a drivers license with your current address. If you do not have government identification, you will need two pieces of authorized identification. Both must have your name and one must have your current physical address. A full list of accepted identification is available at
    “Our responsibility is to give people the opportunity to vote and we are certainly working towards that,” said Hoover. “This year Elections Alberta has really  tried to  make it easier because there is an extra day of the advanced poll, and we  are going to be using technology at those advanced polls, so we are really optimistic it is going to make it easier for people.”
    Call 587-207-5127 to reach the Returning Officer’s office.

Lively discussion at MP’s Open House

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    There was a ring of election in the air as MP for Battle River Crowfoot, Kevin Sorenson, held an Open House for constituents last Thursday morning, March 28.
    Sorenson held the Open House at Drumheller Town Council chambers and had an audience of about 30 come out to hear him speak, including UCP provincial candidate Nate Horner. The conversation quickly turned to the dissatisfaction of the Liberal government.
    Sorenson fielded questions regarding the SNC Lavalin case,  China’s ban on buying canola from two companies and the treatment of veterans in Canada.
    “We do have an election coming in Alberta, but we are also seeing in Ottawa this government getting caught in the way they do business and now it is coming to light. As we know Canadians are not happy about it,” said Sorenson. “You are hearing today that people aren’t happy about it. The SNC Lavalin scandal and other scandals that are coming to light. It’s hard to be here to talk about people’s issues when the big frustration is with the Prime Minister and the Liberal government.
    He says one of his party’s main goals is to get more jobs in Canada and to make it easier to create those.
    “We want jobs here in Canada. I don’t want this riding to be only dependent on gas, and tourism. I want it where anyone can succeed if they decide they are going to run a business out of  Drumheller, I want to make sure we don’t have so much red tape that they are hindered from prospering,” he said.
    He says the Conservatives have a plan if they are successful in the next election.
    “We will have a 30-day plan, the 90-day plan, and the 120-day plan and these things have to be done,” he said. “When parliament is called back we know there is going to be legislation that has to change. We can’t come in and say ‘edict from the top,’ it all moves through a process and legislation. We have said the carbon tax is going to be our first goal. “You can’t just keep adding taxes and expect  your economy is going to grow.”
    He feels there is strong support for the Conservative Party in the riding and fielded questions about Andrew Sheer. He pledged his support and confidence in the leader.  
        “We always keep working day-to-day. The support I feel out here is very supportive and a lot of that is people are worked up against Trudeau and I have people coming up with donations and door knock. I tell them we have to take care of Alberta first…and then we need to change what is in Ottawa.”

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