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9-year-old killed in Hussar colony tractor accident

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A 9-year-old child was killed on Monday after an accident involving a tractor, police say.

After noon on May 13, RCMP and EMS responded to the Wintering Hills Hutterite Colony on May 13 for a call regarding an accident involving a tractor and the child. The child was pronounced dead on scene.

There were conflicting reports that the child had either fallen off the tractor or had been struck by it, but RCMP Media Relations representative John Cormier said he couldn’t comment on the nature of the accident as it is still under investigation. He said police are not treating it as a criminal matter.

“There’s nothing criminal, it is purely accidental,” he said.

The victim’s name is not being released.


Zambian boy receives lifesaving treatment thanks to Drumheller’s generosity


Thanks to the generosity of the community, a young boy from Zambia has a new lease on life.
    The Mail reported in July of last year of a major fundraiser called Africa in the Valley.  Anthea Maseka spearheaded the event to raise funds for Lukumo Chibilu. The boy, now 11 years old, was in need of a lifesaving procedure to free him from the painful disease of a sickle cell anemia.
     Maseka announces that Lukumo has arrived home in Africa on May 2 after having the procedure done in New Delhi, India.
    She said one single event inspired the entire effort, and that was advances in Canadian medicine.
    “It all started in 2016 with CTV announcing the first bone marrow transplant at the Children’s Hospital, so that is when the search started for us,” said Maskea.
    In fact, Cardilia Fox, who received the procedure and was cured of sickle cell anemia was a speaker at Africa in the Valley last summer.
    Anthea said they explored having the procedure done in Canada but it was not possible, and it was very cost prohibitive in the United States.
    Even in India, the cost was great, however, Africa in the Valley was able to raise more than $20,000 for the procedure. Private donors came up with the rest of the funds needed.
    “There are no words to express the gratitude and thankfulness the family has for what the community of Drumheller did in helping this boy,” said Anthea.
    She explains Lukumo’s health was at a point that he was receiving by-weekly blood transfusions, and was very frail. In order for the procedure to be successful, he needed a near perfect match as a donor. His sister was able to provide the donation.
    Anthea said the bone marrow transplant was done late last year and she was actually able to go and witness the procedure, and also stayed for a month to support the family.
    After five months of treatment, Lukumo arrived home, and medical follow-up will continue.
    “He has come a long way. It has been a journey and a half for the family,” she said.

Real estate market shows signs of growth in 2019

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    There is an air of optimism in the real estate market as sales are picking up at all levels.
    Drumheller, like most of the province, has been in recovery mode as the economy slowly jumpstarts.  A bright sign is that real estate has now begun to move.
    Heather VanDyk of REMAX Now in Drumheller says there have been 41 sales in the first 130 days of the year and about 116 sales in the last 365 days. Currently, there are about 135 active listings in Drumheller, showing lots of inventory. She says they have seen sales in the lower range with some first time home buyers and others looking to buy revenue properties. She has seen a few sales where homeowners were downsizing, and higher-end properties being sold as professionals move into the valley.
    “We are also finding there is a lack of rentals. We do hear people that are looking at buying because there is a lack of properties with three-plus bedrooms and a lack of pet-friendly homes to rent,” said VanDyk.
    Another trend she is seeing is owners using properties for vacation rentals. A quick look at shows about 27 properties in the area.
    “Many are opting to Airbnb to offset mortgage cost and take advantage of the tourism industry,” she said.
     Stacey Gallagher of Century 21 is encouraged by the market beginning to recover, noting in November and December of last year there were only two sales in each month. Part of that recovery has to do with prices falling in line.
    “Prices have definitely come down in the last couple years and starting to feel as if it is leveling off, but it's always hard to tell. Things could change at any time. The buyers are back out looking for homes and anything which is priced correctly for the age and condition of the property is selling in a reasonable time,” said Gallagher.
     Bob Sheddy of Century 21 says there are some bright signs after a long drought.
    “I have been in the commercial real estate business in Alberta for over 18 years and these past seven years have been the toughest of my career for our landlords and sellers, but in the last 6 months I feel we have turned the corner,” he said.
    In Drumheller, he is seeing some positivity in the leadership.
    “The Town administration, Economic Development Office, and Council are all great ambassadors for our community and constantly making connections to bring business to town. It is great to see. And now with a new provincial government, investors are more willing to invest in the future,” he said.
    “The Town of Drumheller administration and council have made changes to some of their policies and have introduced new incentives for new businesses that give agents like me something to start the conversation with businesses we want to attract to town.  A common phrase around town hall is “we are open for business”.
    He says the Downtown core has a new hair salon and a pastry shop being constructed in May to end up filling two previously vacant spaces in the downtown core.
    Kelly Boyko of Home-Town Realty is also seeing positive changes.
    “It has been a really good start to the year. There are lots of people looking around and lots of sales and showings,” he said.
    He is seeing new faces coming to town as well as people moving around town, whether it be upgrading or downsizing. He adds there is inventory at all price points.
    “It doesn’t seem like there is any one area that is selling more, it is a wide spectrum,” he said. “We have houses ranging from the starter homes all the way up to executive homes, it’s kind of level throughout.”

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