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Hoodoo visitors now paying to park

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  Visitors to the Hoodoo recreation area are being asked for a toonie now that the town’s tourist paid parking program has started this summer.

    The program was started by the town to help recoup costs related to maintaining the area, including its parking lot and the portable toilets there. Signs notify visitors of the $2 per car “parking fee,” which is collected by two employees from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday through Monday. 

    Attendant Glen Thornton said since starting work two weeks ago it's been busy, with the visitor tally topping 320 on Friday. By noon on Saturday, the count was already at 93 and the cars kept coming. 

He says the majority of people are more than happy to cough up change once they know what it’s for.

    “Some people even give extra. The most resistance we get is people asking why now, when it hasn’t been this way for the last 50 years.”

    Thornton says two cars in the last two weeks had drove past him without paying, but there isn’t much they can or should do about it. Since the Hoodoo Provincial Recreation Area, access is free to the public and people can’t be denied entry or legally obliged to pay a fee. But since the town owns and maintains the parking lot adjacent to the Hoodoos, they are asking visitors for a $2 fee to park there. 

    “The charge will be in place until the end of the summer and we will review the feedback at the end of the program to see if it will be pursued for the future,” the town said in a press release, which also noted the parking lot would “could cost over one hundred thousand dollars.”

    If the Hoodoo parking pilot is a success, the town has said they plan to implement something similar elsewhere, like the Rosedale Suspension Bridge parking lot.

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McClung running for Battle River-Crowfoot CPC nomination


    Another candidate has stepped up in hopes of becoming the Conservative Party of Canada  (CPC) nominee to represent the Battle River Crowfoot riding.
    The retirement of MP Kevin Sorenson has left a seat vacant in one of the safest ridings in Canada. Damien Kurek and Jeff Watson have put their names in that hat. So has Stettler school teacher Jefferson McClung.
    McClung says in Battle River, which has traditionally voted largely in favour of conservative parties the race is not only the CPC nomination but in all likelihood for the next MP.  
    McClung lives in the Stettler area and is currently a Social Studies teacher at William E Hay High Secondary Campus. In his career, he has taught more than 1,000 students and many have gone on to be politically active and he remains in contact with them.
    “I am concerned about their future as well. As a teacher in a rural community, I have seen how the disastrous policies and actions of the Liberal government have hurt our oil workers, our farmers, our retailers, and every other corner of our communities,” said McClung in a release.
    Prior to teaching he put himself through university and has a varied employment history from an oilfield worker to a mechanic.
    “I have worked on many farms including my own. I am not afraid of work. I started a farm from scratch building up a flock of over 300 sheep. I understand the lives of regular citizens because I am one,” he said.
    He takes aim at the Liberal Party and its policies.
    “I understand the failures of the crony policies of the Liberal government. I know the problems that can result from government meddling in the economy,” he said. “I have studied capitalism for nearly two decades and have been teaching it for one. The Liberal government has fought against the basic concepts of capitalism. They have attacked the concepts of competition, profit motive, and free enterprise.”
    The deadline to purchase a membership to vote in the nomination contest has passed. There will be eight polls to vote in the nomination race between July 14 and July 17. In Drumheller, voting will be on Tuesday, July 16 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., following a candidate forum beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Tee-riffic tee-ballers

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(top) Bennett McLean, 5, chases down a ground ball during a tee-ball game on Tuesday, June 25. Baseball season in Drumheller is in full swing, with games played around the valley every night, even if some players would just rather have a seat and enjoy the sun (bottom).

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