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Appeal denied... artistic structure deemed Bylaw offence





On Tuesday, December 8, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) reached an unanimous decision to deny the appeal filed by Lawrence Eisler and which was heard on December, 1 at Council Chambers, Town Hall.
    Eisler had filed the appeal following the refusal of a development permit on the height of a fence-like structure at 436, 3rd Street East, Drumheller. During the appeal, Eisler, together with members of the community, explained that he felt this structure was more than a fence and added value to Drumheller.
    The SDAB’s decision was based on the following reasons:
    The board considers the structure to be a fence as defined by the Land Use Bylaw 10.08 which states: “Fence” means a physical barrier constructed out of typical building material for the purpose of providing privacy or preventing unauthorized access or both.
    The SDAB also agreed that the fence does not comply with the Town’s Land Use Bylaw 10.08 Section 41 (b), which regulates the height of a fence in a residential district to a maximum height of 1.2 m (4 ft.).

    The board also stated that, having considered the opinions of the neighbours’ and others’ presentation, the board was of the opinion that consideration should be given to future landowners, particularly with regard to the encroachments of portions of the fence in to the neighbouring side yards.
    Eisler commented to inSide about the outcome: “obviously I am disappointed with this decision”. Eisler explained he was hoping people involved in the whole process would have looked past bylaws and have considered the contribution he was making to the town by beautifying his yard.          Eisler expressed his frustration that: “the role here of Council and the Community Planning board isn’t to say whether any of this stuff is in the best interest of Drumheller, it’s only to say whether or not a bylaw has been broken. Well, we know from the beginning I broke a bylaw! So why spend all this time and having these people coming in and voicing what they thought was important when it doesn’t matter? It makes no sense.”
    Eisler also questioned : “so if I want to say, well, this historical area of Drumheller which is really beautiful and should be treasured is being limited by bylaws that are about the suburbs, and I think these bylaws should be changed and there should be relaxation for this area, where do I go?”
    Eisler was given until April 30, 2010 for the front yard structure to be reduced to 4 ft. high or, alternatively has 30 days from the issue of the order to appeal to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Alberta.
    Asked whether Eisler will appeal this decision, he explains: “now it becomes expensive, at the end of the day I am not sure at what point do I keep giving of myself and my time and at what point do I stop? I am leaning towards not doing anything right now as it takes a lot of energy physically and emotionally.” He concluded: “Although I am very disappointed with the outcome, I am incredibly appreciative about the people that stood up for me, that means a lot to me."

Delia girl to carry torch in shadow of dinosaur


    A Delia School student has been selected to carry the torch on a high profile section of the Olympic Torch route as it makes its way to the valley this coming January 16, 2010.
    Jordan Phillips, 17, of Delia may have expected  her graduation to be the highlight of her year. That was until she was selected to carry the Olympic Torch.
    “I was a little bit surprised, I didn’t think it was real at first … I thought it was an update from iCoke, but I kept reading and said ‘oh my goodness,’” she laughs. “I called my mom over and by the tone of my voice she thought someone was trying to break into the house.”
    Jordan found out she was selected in late August. She was selected through iCoke and the Sogo Active program.
    “I figure skate every winter, so I kept track of how much physical activity I did each day,” said Phillips. "If I reached my goal each week, I received another entry to be a Torch Bearer.”
    She has been selected to run from Gordon Taylor Bridge to the World’s Largest Dinosaur.
    ‘I am so excited about that,” said Jordan.
    “It’s exciting to be a part of something that is so important to the whole world. It is not just important to Alberta or just Canada, people watch from all over the world.”
    She says her extended family will be coming to town to line the route to see her run the torch.
    Jordan grew up on a farm outside of Delia, and there is no sign her active lifestyle will change any time soon. After she graduates this school year from high school, she plans to pursue a career as a pilot. She also plans to  continue with her  figure skating.
    “I have actually taken a coaching course, and once I finish my coaching assignment, I’ll be a CanSkate coach,” she said. "I would like to eventually upgrade that so I can coach the higher levels with advanced skaters."
    The Olympic Torch will be traveling through the valley enroute to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games in just days. The local celebration organizing committee quickly distributed tickets for the celebration at the Canadian Badlands Passion Play Site, however there are many chances for residents that want to see the torch to line the streets and cheer on the runners.
    The Mail is interested in hearing from others in the community selected to carry the torch. Contact us at 403-823-2580 or at

Wildrose Alliance elects board in Drumheller-Stettler Constituency

    About 50 people from across the Drumheller-Stettler constituency braved the minus 30 degree weather in Stettler on Saturday to elect a board of directors for the Wildrose Alliance Consistency Association.
    This was its first annual meeting.
    Rick Strankman of Altario was elected president, while Chip Aiello of Drumheller became vice president. Norman Storch of Hanna assumes the role of secretary-treasurer.
    There were five directors elected. They are Bob Gainer, Hanna; Gary Wilyman, Stettler; Damien Kurek, Consort; Don Peters, Stettler and Guy Neitz, Erskine.
    Strankman called on residents of the constituency to pull together in doing their part to help bring together a new and responsible government for Alberta.
    MLA Paul Hinman addressed the meeting. He urged that every effort be made to increase the number of constituency members and to be prepared for an election. He also said there is a need for government to change, recognizing where tax dollars are coming from and re-invest at least some of those dollars back into rural Alberta.
    He also pointed out his view of the “Super Health Board” is not the answer. Instead he feels there is a need for local input into the operation of hospitals and that includes the return of local administrators.
    He added he believes there is a need for a system to recall MLA’s if constituents feel their elected member is not representing their views.


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