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Last updateThu, 18 Apr 2024 9am

Dinosaur study reveals triceratops is juvenile torosaurus


    Researchers have recently made a discovery about the famous triceratops:  it may not be a separate dinosaur species but instead a younger version of a Torosaurus.
    Due to their appearance, for many years  the triceratops, with a three-horned skull and a shorter frill and the torosaurus, with a much bigger frill and two large holes through it, were believed to be different types of dinosaurs.
    Now, in the July 14 edition of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, John Scannella, a Montana State University paleontologist, and Jack Horner, dinosaur curator at the Museum of the Rockies, say a triceratops is actually a younger torosaurus.

Small town hero nomination could bring Paul Brandt to Passion Play site


    Becky Kowalchuk has recently been nominated in the UFA Small Town Heroes as Munson’s hero, by Brenda Daly.
    To celebrate the difference some people make within their community in rural and small towns across Alberta, the UFA is offering a free Paul Brandt concert, together with $2,500 to use within the winning community to the two small town heroes receiving the most votes at the end of the contest, which runs until August 30.
    Eight runners up will also each receive $1,000.
    “It feels great to be nominated. It is really special to see people recognize what other people do in the community,” said Kowalchuk.


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