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Wind turbine project delayed

    Performance testing on the new wind turbine installed at the Drumheller Institution has resulted in a delay in operating it.
    The turbine was installed in December to help offset some of the institution power costs, as well as improve its footprint.     
    However, performance tests were done earlier this year and their results pointed to a possible problem with some of the equipment.
    Dawn Bancroft, Chief of administrative services at the institution, told inSide Drumheller that the brake lining was part of the equipment which didn’t meet the expected performance specifications.
    “In order to prevent any unnecessary risk of breakage to other components of the generator, we decided to shut it down until we can get replacement parts and that’s under the manufacturer’s warranty,” said Bancroft, adding that the manufacturers were located in Germany and it was a specialized part so it had taken some time to get the replacement.     
    However, she estimated the part should be delivered late April, beginning of May and they are hoping to have the turbine up and running soon after. 

Chinookers hang their support at Davidson's door



Most neighbours figured Newcastle’s Bob Davidson had simply hung his laundry out to dry, when in fact he was the first victim, er… supporter to be struck by a group of merry pranksters, known as the Chinookers Relay For Life Team. He came home on Tuesday afternoon to find his home decorated with supportive undergarments. He immediately hit the street going door-to-door trying to match up the bras with neighbours hoping to find the culprit(s). Coming home, he found a letter explaining the phenomena (and saving him from explaining to wife Vicky why women’s underwear was all over the house). The Chinookers told him they would ‘graciously’ remove the decorations for a donation of $20, and send them to another deserving victim for a small fee of $10. For the price of $50, he learned he could send the decorations to the person of his choice, and have an insurance policy to see them never return to his doorstep. The display of support made its way to Joyce and Rick Bell’s home in Greentree, and then returned to Newcastle to adorn Irv and Corrine Gerling’s home.

Earth Day clean-up volunteer finds cash

    Many took to the streets, parks and trails on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22, blessed with glorious sunshine, picking up garbage and some even finding treasures.
    Trish Parker, with inmates from the Drumheller Institution Inside Out program, found a $10 bill at the very beginning of her day, while clearing out garbage on Badlands trails by the Tyrrell, while Michelle Olson found a treasure box, part of a worldwide game called Geocaching.
    Judging by the amount of volunteers who took part in the Earth Day Drumheller Valley Trash Challenge and the garbage each brought to the Heartwood Inn & Spa on Earth Day, Drumheller residents were happy to take up the challenge to clear the town of garbage.
    The Earth Day clean-up this year was a collaborative effort between businesses, launched by The Royal Tyrrell Museum and sponsored by the museum, EnCana, The Drumheller Dragons, Barcomp, Communities In Bloom, Century 21, the Drumheller Institution Inside Out program, the Heartwood Inn & Spa, Canalta, L.P.R Concrete, and the Town of Drumheller.    
    “It was an excellent day, we had lots of people helping us out and more local businesses than expected wanting to take part,” said Mike Dooley, from the Tyrrell Museum, who organized the challenge.
    Thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers who took part, Drumheller is now rid of a whole dumpster full of garbage, collected during just one day.    
    Aside from the usual garbage found, many complained about areas littered with cigarette butts.
    Mike Dooley said, as well as abandoned tires found in the museum overflow parking lot, cigarette butts were a big problem.
    Heather Bitz was picking up rubbish on Earth Day morning around the Rotary Spray Park ground and told The Mail cigarette butts were the biggest problem there. 
    Another  resident reported the same around the benches near the Public Library which was littered with butts even though an ashtray was located near the benches.
    As well as getting the reward of knowing they made a difference in their community, Earth Day clean-up volunteers were treated to pop, beef filled buns and Luigi Vescarelli’s classic Caesar salad, all courtesy of Encana, at the wrap up BBQ hosted by the Heartwood Inn, who had also set up their new dinosaurs crazy golf for the younger Earth Day clean-up volunteers to have fun with.


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