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Greentree students share Christmas wisdom


    The Mail had the treat of sitting down with four bright Greentree students, James Zuccatto, Jakobie Wegren, Kennedy Chan, and Laura Danchek, all 7, to chat about the upcoming Christmas season.

Question: What’s the meaning of Christmas?
Jakobie Wegren: Giving and caring, and not expecting anything back is mainly the big part.
James Zuccatto: Mostly the fun parts. And celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.
Laura Danchek: Really, it’s about giving.
Kennedy Chan: Spending time with family.

Q: What do you do over the school break?
JZ: Stay inside, go skiing and tobogganing, then open gifts when we’re all awake!
LD: Family has a pit fire on the ice, we have a dugout on the river. I have no idea how the ice doesn’t melt though.
JW: Usually spend time with family, my dad checks on us baking in the oven. Usually we bake together.

Q: What’s your favourite part about Christmas?
JZ: The whole season. And getting the toys.
KC: That’s mine too!
JZ: When Santa came I was jumping up and down, yelling “Santa’s here, Santa’s here!”, when people were downstairs trying to sleep.
LD: My favourite part is getting the toys. That’s everyone’s favourite part!
KC: My mom planned this: she said we’re going to do something special everyday we don’t have school – go tobogganing, swimming at the pool. Not swimming outside though, that would be freezing.
JW: My favourite part is seeing how surprised Mom and Dad’s faces are when we open gifts.

Q: How do you think Santa gets around the world so fast?
JZ: Reindeer!
KC: Rudolph maybe gets lights so they know where they’re going, so they go pretty fast.
LD: Flying reindeer.
JW: I think he just ends up hitting the ice a few times, and that gets him going real fast. Ice is pretty slippery.
JZ: Maybe magic?
KC: Fairy dust makes you fly sometimes. Maybe it makes them fly really fast?

Q: What do you think Santa’s favourite type of cookie is?
JZ: Chocolate chip with milk on top.
JW: Cookies with smarties on them.
JZ: I wonder if he likes oatmeal?

Q: Do you think Santa should start watching his weight?
JZ: Yeah, so he doesn’t run into icebergs!
KC: He needs to exercise to get down the chimneys.
JZ: He exercises twice a day.
KC: You don’t know that!
JW: Sometimes, maybe when you bake more cookies, he’ll go in the fridge and get more.
JZ: Someone I know saw him, and he looked really strong because he drinks milk all night.
KC: I think he might get too fat and get stuck down the chimney sometimes.

Q: What do you think Santa does all summer?
JZ: Goes on vacation in Hawaii, eating cookies and drinking milk on his surfboard.
KC: Maybe he sleeps because he has a long journey ahead.
LD: He probably eats cookies all summer with Mrs. Claus.
JW: Santa makes toys all year, because in India, they have winter while we have summer.
KC: He probably has to brush his teeth forever because of all the cookies he eats.

Q: Who’s your favourite reindeer?
(All breaking out into song): Rudolph the red-nose reindeer, has a very shiny nose!
(Laura Danchek leaves for recess)

Q: What do you think Mrs. Claus does with her free time?
KC: Bakes cookies for Mr. Claus.
JW: I saw on that she has her own bakery.

Q: How many elves would you guess live at the North Pole?
JZ: 1,000 or 100.
KC: I think there is a billion and 99. They have to get finished really fast.
JW: I’m thinking maybe 1,000 million and one.
JZ: On a movie I saw, Santa said everyone is welcome to be an elf.

Q: This will be in the newspaper, what would you like to say to everyone who reads this interview?
JW: Say that in huge letters please.
KC: And have a good time. I’ll give toys to the ones that are poor.
JW: We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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