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Six months sentence for role in jewellery store break-ins


    One of the three accused in the break-ins of the Berkes Jewellers in 2008 in Hanna and Drumheller pleaded guilty last Friday.
    Shane Kurtz, 23, was in provincial court in Drumheller on Friday, May 14. He was charged with a number of offenses including break and enter, possession of stolen property and disguise with intent. He originally asked to be tried in Court of Queen’s Bench, but on Friday re-elected to be tried in front of a provincial court judge.
    He pleaded guilty to two counts of break and enter.
    The court heard that around 11:30 p.m. on December 4, 2008 Hanna RCMP responded to an intrusion alarm at Berkes Jewellers in Hanna. The display cases were smashed and culprits made off with a considerable amount of inventory.
    Hours later, culprits punched the lock at the Drumheller Berkes Jewellers, again smashed the displays, took merchandise and departed in a dark-coloured car. Surrounding RCMP detachments were put on alert.
    At about 3:30 p.m. Airdrie RCMP made a traffic stop and arrested Kurtz, along with Tyler Schaeffer and Ryan Latrielle. In the car, they recovered merchandise from the stores valued at $40,000.
    Kurtz admitted to being part of the break and enters in entering his guilty pleas. He also pleaded guilty to a breach of his release conditions where he failed to report.
    The Crown and defense joined in their submission for a global sentence of six months. Judge Shriar accepted the joint submission sentencing Kurtz to five months in custody for each break and enter charge to be served concurrently, and one month for the breach to be served consecutively. Shriar also felt it was important to follow his sentence with one year of probation from the date of his release.
    On Friday, May 14, Kurtz’s co-accused Tyler Schaeffer also appeared in provincial court in Drumheller. He is to appear on July 23 for his charges to be spoken to. The third accused, Ryan Latrielle has already dealt with the charges on an earlier date in Calgary.

Baby bison Brady imbibes with bottle daily


    A little bison now roams… a lot closer to home, to get his milk from a bottle each day.
    Derek Dekeyser and Kim Clozza have two new guests roaming close to their farm yard. They are bottle-feeding two youngsters. One is Splash, a month-old calf that was orphaned, and an 11 day-old bison calf named Brady that was rejected from his mother. Four times a day, everyday, bottles are warmed and the babes drink to their heart’s content.
    “He (Derek) brought him (Brady) home on Mother’s Day,” laughs Kim Clozza as she feeds the babe with a makeshift nipple on a plastic bottle.
    His buddy Splash has earned his name from his nursing style, bunting his surrogate to make sure he gets every last drop. Occasionally a few drops spill.
    The two get along well.
    Brady was found alone in the field after he was born. Dekeyser explains because bison are naturally always wandering, a mother, when it has twins, will reject the smaller of the two calves to allow them to keep moving. This appears to be what has happened. They brought the animal in from the field and they have been feeding him ever since.
    Already, in less than two weeks, Brady has adjusted to nursing from a bottle and has a skip in his step as he comes running at feeding time, and he appears to be comfortable with humans. The two yard-mates, after feeding, have a quirky habit of trying to continue nursing on each other, wherever they can latch onto.
     Brady will have to take care of the home front himself for a little while as Splash this week has found a new home.
    Dekeyser is confident they will find Brady a new owner in the near future. He is planning to offer the animal to a friend, the man that raised the famous Bailey D. Buffalo. Bailey has made many public appearances, and even met former Premier Ralph Klein, former Prime Minister Paul Martin and Prince Phillip.
    Until a new home is found, the feedings continue.

Man arrested for alleged attempt to toss contraband into Drumheller Institution


    Drumheller RCMP have arrested a man who is alleged to have attempted to toss a package of contraband over the fence at the Drumheller Institution.
    On Friday, May 14, at about 10 p.m., staff at the Drumheller Institution observed a man attempt to throw a package over the fence of the facility.
Institution staff located and arrested the man.
The investigation revealed the package contained drugs and other contraband items. The institution value of the package was $20,000.
    Brian Joseph Dobbin, 28, of Calgary has been charged with a number of offenses including possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, and trespassing.
    Dobbin was released from another federal institution in February 13 of this year. He was remanded for a show cause hearing that took place on Tuesday, May 18. The investigation is continuing.


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