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Last updateFri, 17 Aug 2018 11am

Akokiniskway Golf Course sustains major damages

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Rosebud’s Akokiniskway Golf Course and Camping Ground has broken its silence after the Rosebud River flood last week.
Owner Albert Clark shared the condition of the area with nothing favourable to say about it.
“We are unable to say anything positive,” began Clark. “The damage is mega. The road in was covered with water and received a lot of silt. We have pushed it aside and it is now quite usable, but it will eventually need gravel and packing.”
The campground was submerged under 3 feet of water at the flood’s peak.
“We pumped for three to four days with up to five pumps. We have to give highest praises to our loyal and dedicated operator Jim Goodwin. With his knowledge and ambition, I am confident that our campground will be in better condition than before,” he said.
A bridge has been wiped away by the rush of water and will be replaced by a cart bridge for Holes Two and Three.
The course’s water supply has been compromised, and equipment will need to be replaced.
“It is going to take some time and supreme dedication... that with caring and dedicated customers that you are, it will be one of our better years in some time. Thank you for your concern and patience from staff and management,” said Clark.

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