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2017 Villages and Municipal District election results

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Polls are closed at 8 p.m. in surrounding villages and Municipal Districts.

Results will be updated as  they come in.


Village of Big Valley (Council of 3)        

Dorothy Dressler 5

Dwayne Robert Grover 90 -elected

Daniel Alan Houle 63

Asaph Ken Johnson 28

Harry Nibourg 86 -elected

Michael Noon-Ward 10

Ron Olive-Kilpatrick 73

Sandra Schnell 123- elected


Village of Carbon (Council of 5)

Keith Bramley

Clark Garrett

Kelly Garrett

Marty Morgan

Guss Nash

Bryan Peever


The Village of Delia (Council of 3)

Dawn Bancroft 58 -elected

Kristy Isaac 34

Jordan McNutt 55 -elected

David Sisley 88 -elected

Robyn Thompson-Lake 45


The Village of Hussar (Council of 3)

Tim Frank, Les Schultz and Corey Fisher have been acclaimed.


Village of Munson (Council of 3)

Kerry McLellan, Bob Spencer and Steve Hayes have been acclaimed.


Village of Morrin

(Council of 3)

Norley Avramenko 53

M’Liss Edward 64 -elected

Robert Graham 66 -elected

Howard Helton 76 -elected

Dave McLeod 37


Village of Rockyford

(Council of 5)

Darcy Burke, Dahlia Cheshire, April Geeraert, Bill Goodfellow and Leah Smith have been acclaimed.


Village of Standard

(Council of 5)

Alan Larsen, Brandon Duffala, Martin Gauthier, Joe Pedersen and Adam Summerfeldt have been acclaimed.


Starland County

(5 Divisions)

Division 1:

Murray Marshal -Acclaimed

Division 2:

Norm Stanger 44

Steve Wannstrom 78- elected

Division 3:

Bob Sargent – Acclaimed

Division 4:

Alan Avramenko 62

Ed Bremer 18

Jacqueline Watts 107-elected

Division 5:

Barrie Hoover 37

John Rew 92 elected


Kneehill County

(7  Divisions)

Division 1:

Paul Andrew 35

Faye McGhee 93-elected

Division 2:

Debbie Penner 137-elected

Reg Wiebe 21

Division 3:

Tara Sawyer 74

Jerry Wittstock 99-elected

Division 4:

Glen Keiver - Acclaimed

Division 5:

Robert Long 95

James Peter Hugo 110-elected

Division 6:

James Wade Christie 113- elected

Laura Michielsen 47

Richard M. Vickery 50

Division 7:

Kenneth King 127 -elected

Bobby Painter 75

Joseph Allen Wohl 80


Wheatland County

(7 divisions)


Division 1:

Alice Booth

Jason Wilson -elected

Division 2:

Sandra Desmet

Amber Link- elected

Sharon Sequillion

Division 3:

Donna Biggar -elected

Angela Cinq-Mars

Cody MacLean

Wayne Shapka

Don Vander Velde

Division 4:

Bernice Bland

Thomas Ikert-elected

Division 5:

Scott Klassen -elected

Brenda Knight

Division 6:

Glenn Koester- elected

Fiona Lauridsen

Division 7:

Ben Armstrong-Acclaimed


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