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Rumsey Red Deer River Garden Club awards and trophies results

Best Glad Spike donated by Rumsey Ag Society: Wayne Roberts.
Gladiolus Aggregate donated by Pennock Family Memorial: Wayne Roberts.
Best Novice Glad donated by Griffith family: Dianna McBride.

Novice Glad Aggregate donated by Mike and Denise Daniels: Dianna McBride.
Dahlia Aggregate donated by Lance & Kendra Kiemele: Lorne McArthur.
Best Dahlia donated by Wendy & Walter Watts: Ken Owens.
Best Begonia donated by Mary & Trevor Newton: Eleanor Richmond.
Begonia Aggregate donated by Ken & Sharon Goddard: Doris Cawiezel.
Rose Aggregate donated by Richmond Ranch: Roy Ashcroft.
Potted Plant Aggregate donated by Mildred Usher Memorial: Jill Brodie.
Best Tea Table donated by Abbie McNaughton: Helen Steen.
Mens Class Recycled donated by John & Carolin Schofer –.
Pansy Arrangement donated by Michie Farms: Helen Steen.
Senior Arrangement donated by Rumsey Drop-in: Reg and Marlene Pewys-Lybbe.
Arrangement Aggregate donated by Patricia Maxwell (High River) in memory of Tom Gibson: Helen Steen.
Cut Flower Aggregate donated by Walter & Eva Schowalter Memorial: Dianna McBride.
Small Fruit Display donated by Alma Tolman –.
Fruit Aggregate donated by Marian Purser: Eleanor Richmond.
Baking Aggregate 1st donated by Trochu Foods: Mary Newton.
Baking Aggregate 2nd: donated by Andy & Bonny Nelson: Eleanor Richmond.
Special Baking 1st donated by Mel & Dariel McNaughton: Mary Newton.
Special Baking 2nd donated by Clark & Norah Watts: Helen Steen.
The Biggest Pumpkin donated by the Drumheller Mail – no entries.
Veg. Display 4 Kinds donated by Mike & Patty Steen: Ken Jensen.
Veg. Display 8-12 Kinds donated by Tom Usher Memorial: Eleanor Richmond.
Vegetable Aggregate donated by Les & Lillian Usher: Ken Jensen.
Adult Aggregate 1st donated by Bank of Montreal, Trochu: Helen Steen.
Adult Aggregate 2nd donated by Rumsey Garden Club: Lorne McArthur.
Most Entries in Show donated by Alberta Treasury Branch, Trochu: Lorne McArthur.
Gifts of the Garden donated by Trident Exploration: 1st Eleanor Richmond, 2nd Helen Steen, 3rd –.
Junior Awards And Trophies
Comical Arrangement 6-10 donated by Craig & Lori Cawiezel/Cawiezel Welding.
Vegetable Aggregate 6-10 donated by Kopjar Seed Farm –.
Vegetable Display 6-10 donated by Lindsay & Shirley Burnett –.
Best Collection of Flowers 6-10 donated by Doris & Lorry Cawiezel: Mattie Jensen.
Baking Aggregate 6-10 donated by Gene & Betty Pennock/Country Kitchens: Searrah Hussey.
Comical Arrangements 11-15 donated by Warren & Elaine Weisse – Brittany Cawiezel.
Vegetable Aggregate 11-15 donated by Jerry & Marilyn Kopjar: Brittany Cawiezel.
Vegetable Display 11-15 donated by Lois Kiemele: Brittany Cawiezel.
Flower Arrangement 11-15 donated by Martha Lynn: Brittany Cawiezel.
Baking Aggregate 11-15 donated by Phil & Dianna McBride: Brittany Cawiezel.
Junior Aggregate donated by Trochu Jewellery: Brittany Cawiezel.
Junior Aggregate donated by Cindy Krywcun & Joan Michylow: Shaylee Daniels.

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