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  • Daylen Ostapowich doubles down with golf silver medals

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    Local youth golfer Daylen Ostapowich (14) has won two silver medals at his first back-to-back tournaments of the season.
    Ostapowich’s first tournament of the year was held at the Henderson Lake Golf Club in Lethbridge where he placed second overall.
    “It was a pretty good tournament – two-day tournament.”
    Then on July 4, Ostapowich participated at the Innisfail golf tournament, to claim his second victory.
    “I only lost by one stroke but I enjoyed it,” said Ostapowich.
    The versatility of the sport is what keeps bringing him back.
    “It’s just something I enjoy doing, even if I’m at home, I just love the sport,” said Ostapowich.
    While practice makes perfect, Ostapowich plans on taking his passion for golf to the top with hopes of playing at the Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA).
    “I usually try to get out there as much as I can,” he said. “My dream is to go to the PGA.”
    Weather dependant, a typical golf season can last until October or November.
    “It can sometimes be like October or maybe a bit past if you’re lucky,” said Ostapowich.
    Ostapowich plays right here in the valley at the Dinosaur Trail Golf and Country Club.
    “The front nine is a pretty simple golf course but the back nine is a bit more of a challenge,” said Ostapowich.
    Ostapowich has a few more tournaments ahead of him including one at McKenzie Meadows in Calgary.
    When asked on how to get others involved in the sport, Ostapowich gladly shared some expertise of his own.
    “I’d say just try it out, swing a couple clubs and give it a try.”

  • Greentree School recieves $8,740.00 for Playground Extension

    Chevrolet presents cheque to Greentree school towards their new playground extension meant to create accessibility for every student

    Western GM staff Murray Sutcliffe, Doug Lubinski, Brad LeDrew, and Greentree School Principal Erin Campbell-Bentley monkey around on the current Greentree School playground while presenting a $8,740.00 cheque towards the school’s new accessible playground extension on June 20, 2017. (Mailphoto by Terri Huxley)

    The new extension will the first of its kind in the valley and gives everyone a chance to be on the same playing field.
        “It’s just great to support the community like this,” said Brad LeDrew, General Sales Manager at Western GM. “Greentree is just a fantastic school and this playground is just amazing and they’ve done just a great job so we’re just excited to be apart of that.”
        With this cheque, the school is only $20,000 away from their goal amount.

  • Local boxer finishes career in the ring

    Brad Wilson, right, with his opponent Markhaile Wedderburn, who fought on   June 24.  Wedderburn won the fight after it was stopped in the second round. submitted

    Brad Wilson, right, with his opponent Markhaile Wedderburn, who fought on June 24.  Wedderburn won the fight after it was stopped in the second round.

        A local boxer got the call up for a professional bout and while he didn’t go as far as he hoped, it was a good way to end his career.
        Local contractor Brad Wilson agreed to a fight versus Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn on Saturday, June 24, in Calgary. It has been a while since Wilson stepped in the ring, but he rolled the dice.
        “It wasn’t something I planned really, I just put the idea out there, and the sharks kind of grasped it,” he said.
        Wedderburn was a formidable opponent in the cruiser weight division, and Wilson said a lot of fighters were backing down from him.
        “He was big and strong and kind of out of my league a little bit, but somebody had to do it,” he chuckles.
        He worked hard to get himself back into fighting shape and went toe to toe.
        Wilson tells The Mail he did well through the first and second round. It looked like a fairly even match, however right at the end of the second, Wedderburn tagged Wilson right between the eyes. The fight was stopped.
        He is going from swinging punches back to swinging his hammer. Wilson says that was his last fight, and ends a full career. While it has been a few years since he had stepped into the ring, he was happy with the effort.
        “I had over 100 amateur fights in the 90’s,” he tells The Mail. Professionally going in, he had a 1-1-1 record.

  • Quinn Nelson named East Central ambassador at 4-H annual Selections program.

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    Featured far right in the back row is Quinn Nelson of Morrin, Alta. Also shown from l-r: Back row: Dawson Pahl, Odessa Kopp, Kelsey Haggerty, Wylie Pietsch, Heather Taylor, Jamie Kuzma. Front row: Sarah Tkach, Nicole Kraus, Haley Dechaine, Makayla Chamzuk, Emmett Sawyer, Jaycee Reimer, and Alyssa Henderson.

    Quinn Nelson of the Morrin Multi 4-H Club was named one of two East Central ambassadors on May 8, 2017 in Olds at 4-H selections.

    Nelson was also selected for the Premier’s Award (PA) group during the four-day event. To become a PA group member, means the recipient has the possibility of winning the most prestigious award 4-H has to offer; the Premier's Award.




    This year, Alyssa Henderson of Bashaw, Alta., was the PA recipient.

    4-H is an internationally recognized youth agriculture program with multiple different aspects like events, projects, meetings, camps, and exchanges.

    Selections is one of the many highlights in a senior members 4-H career. This event determines who has the ability, commitment, and positive personality that embodies the 4-H spirit to continue to represent the worldwide program.

    This years theme was ‘Marketing Me’ where small groups focused on cover letters, resumes and business skills for when they are out of the house.

    “It’s a great opportunity – really beneficial for those who attend,” said Horner.

    An ambassadorship consists of two years of planning and attending events, being available for questions, and provide a positive outlook while simultaneously representing the 4-H world.

    “We always have a good set of ambassadors – they always do a good job,” said Horner.

    As well as ambassadorship, members are eligible to win national and North American trips based on their attendance, evaluations, quiz, and diary points.

    In order to win, Selections has a process where members are divided into small groups and evaluated by peers and supervisors. Games and leadership activities are apart of the camp and also team building exercises, presentations, and resume evaluations.

    “Their recognized for their leadership, communications, and development skills so that is what they have to be in order to be a successful ambassador,” said 4-H communications specialist Cameron Horner.

    On the Monday morning, the trips, ambassadorships, Premier Award (PA) group, and PA recipient are announced during a special breakfast with agricultural dignitaries.

    In addition to ambassadorship, Nelson will be embarking on the Northwest Territories agriculture and development tour alongside 22 other 4-H members this summer from July 20 to July 30. Gleichen local Jourdyn Sammons will also be on the trip as one of those 22 members.

  • Valerie Nelson's Aids work recognized by Governor General

    A woman whose name has become synonymous with compassion is beinghonoured by the Canadian government for her meritorious acts to support families and children who face poverty and Aids every day of their lives in the Roatan.

    Drumheller residents and supporters of the Morgan Jayne Foundation know the name Valerie Nelson well. She is the founder of Familias Saludables in the Roatan. This is the organization that administers the Morgan Jayne Project and has been instrumental in saving hundreds of children by stopping the spread of Aids from mother to child. It operates a clinic and works closely with theCharmont Academy allowing those children a shot at a proper education. 

     She announced via social media that she would be receiving the Meritorious Service Award from the Governor General in Ottawa later in June at a special ceremony. She is humble and accepts the award for all those who have supported the work she does.

     “This is a thank you to every one of you who have helped build Familias Saludables and theCharmont Academy, through monetary donations to help us do what we do, through volunteering to help us get stronger and caring about our families and our children,” she said. “You have saved hundreds of babies, educated thousands on AIDS and other issues, supported women and families, provided an education to 60 children, fed them, dressed them and made them safe, and changed the world of families in a small third world country that many of you have never even visited.”

    Fred Makowecki has known Nelson for many years, from when he adopted his daughter.

    “It couldn’t have happened to a better person, She has worked her entire life, whether it be in Alberta with adoptive families, up north with indigenous youth, in Africa with Aids programs and now this program,” said Makowecki. "With this, she went here and said ‘wow these children are in a bad state and dying at a horrific rate. I just can’t go home, I have to do something.’”

     She has spent more than a decade working in Roatan. The Morgan Jayne Project came on about 11 years ago to support the work. While there have been successes, the work still continues

    What is unfortunate is we have been going 100 miles per hour for 11 years and then the economy takes this horrific dive and with it goes earning power for families in the province and business support, so we are definitely short,” said Makowecki. “We are struggling every day just to look after the kids we have in school, struggling to get the formula down to them and the day to day stuff.”

    The awards presentation will be held on June 23 in Ottawa. Makowecki says they hope to host her in the valley shortly after this date.

    “She’s changed my world,” said Makowecki.

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