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Once a Titan now a Golden Bear

cam-pasula.jpgAlthough one of the shortest players on the University of Alberta’s Golden Bears, Cameron Pasula is 5”7’ and 197 lbs. of pure excellence.
Pasula left Drumheller in the fall of 2008 to pursue a degree in Engineering at U of A, qualifying to red-shirt (practicing) as a fullback with the university’s Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) ranked football team.
Moving up from Drumheller‘s silver winning Titans football team, Pasula says the change of pace in both football and schooling is difficult.
On the difficulty of the new level of game, Pasula said, “the size and speed is definitely major. We have one lineman who is 360 lbs. Everyone on the team is so perfect with their technique it’s ridiculous.”
The Bears didn’t do so well this year, standing at only two wins and six losses, but that didn’t discourage the Drumheller hopeful.
“We have a really young team this year, with only three graduating students. But the two teams we did beat are ranked as some of the best in the west,” Pasula said. The Bears thumped Simon Fraser University and the University of Calgary.
The team finished their season in the middle of November, but the work doesn’t stop then. Pasula mentions the Bears practice everyday from Monday to Friday, games on Saturday during the season and team meetings on Sunday.
“It’s tough. It is busy especially with football. I constantly have lab write ups and assignments being given to me. There’s no end to the work.”
Pasula was also required to read and memorize the Bear’s 200 page play-book.
The Drumheller local hopes to pursue Chemical Engineering, with that he says he could do basically anything from manufacturing to production, ““whether it be in the oil field or with consumer products.”
As for his career with the Bears, Pasula has no plans to leave the university.
“My coach said he is looking forward to working with me next year, to get me playing,” a commendable feat for a first year player to make such a high ranking team.
Pasula said when he tried out at the beginning of the year, at least 150 high school graduates came out to try to make the team.
“I remember when I first got there and was waiting for my medical (exam) and this guy walked in with this real tight shirt almost ripping at the arms. His arms were as big as my leg and I thought he was going to rip my body in half.”
“It was intimidating at first but after the first practice we all got along really well,” Pasula said.
The season is finished for this year, only to bring the intense training in the off-season.
“When I go back we start with the hard training, getting up for team meetings at 6 a.m. every morning to work out and train. One thing I need to train for is running. You can never be too fast.”
With the beginning of his life lying right in front of him, Pasula has not forgotten his past.
Speaking of his years playing for the Titans, the player has nothing but praise for his upbringing.
“(Coaches) Rasmussen and Hatch were excellent coaches. Hatch was the reason why I even tried out, he just kept pushing me and pushing me to go for it. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Raz and Hatch for sure,” he said, reminiscing of his growing years with the Titans.
With all the attention being given to him, Pasula has no dreams of eventually making it into the CFL, despite always having scouts scouring the Bears for new talent.
“If I’m going to school I might as well be doing something I love, playing some football. It is a good way to keep off the “Freshman 15”. Well, I have put it on, but not bad weight.”

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