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24-Hour Jam hits mark

    Attendees of the Old Grouch’s 24-Hour Jam in support of STARS were given a powerful reason to continue to support the event and STARS.
    This was the fourth year the 24-Hour Jam has supported STARS Air Ambulance and on Saturday, June 5 afternoon Christine McDougald bravely stood up in front of those gathered to support the event to tell her story, a survivor’s story.
    In February 2004, McDougald attended the Drumheller Health Centre for a routine procedure following the birth of her daughter. Because of complications she was losing blood faster than doctors could replace it. She learned STARS were called because to travel to Calgary by ground ambulance, she would have never made it to get the help she needed in time to save her life. 
    “I made sure to tell my husband to make sure our children knew how much I loved them,” she told the crowd gathered who hung on every word she spoke. “My pain was gone and I was at peace, but I was aware that this was it.”
    She received emergency surgery, but even after that, she was still losing blood. She received numerous transfusions.
    “My family was told all they could do was pray, because there was nothing more that could be done,” she said. “But anyone who knows me, knows I am a fighter, and that’s exactly what I did. I fought my way back to my three children, including 18-day-old Delaney.”
    “STARS gave me that chance to fight, and without them I would have died here in Drumheller Hospital.”
    This was not the first time Christine has shared her intimate story. She lent her words to a STARS mail-out campaign and it raised in the area of $600,000 for the organization.
    This was one of the busiest 24-Hour Jam in recent memory according to organizer Fran Nargang. She said the donation of items to the silent auction were up from previous years, and bidding for the most part was fierce. Entertainer after entertainer made their way onto the stage to lend their talents to the cause and keep toes tapping throughout the night and into the morning.
    This was also the first year STARS Air Ambulance came to the event. On Saturday afternoon, they set up tables with merchandise and information on the organization.
    Fran said they are on track to at least matching last year’s total, but they might have a boost from the infamous “Skorting of the Garry.”
    Fran’s husband Garry agreed to wear a skort for the event to show of his gams and to raise pledges. Supporter anted up  $785 to have him wear the shorts/skirt combination. He jovially dawned the outfit as he cooked, plated and served attendees. After the event, he commented he found the outfit kept him cool as he worked, and he had no problems around the deep fryer with his legs bare.

Citizens on Patrol asking for eyes and ears

    If you are planning on drinking and driving, vandalizing businesses or homes, or causing trouble in the community you’ve got more worries than just looking out for a squad car.
    Drumheller RCMP have extended eyes and ears thanks to the hard work put in by Citizens on Patrol, a volunteer program looking for new recruits now.
    “People get burnt out after doing it for years... We have about 20 volunteers now but would love to see 60 come forward,” says a coordinator who asked to keep his name private.
    The C.O.P. (which is not the origin behind the word cop, by the way) is asking for adult volunteers to help keep Drumheller as safe as it can be.
    But it is not for over zealous thrill seekers, shifts are worked by cruising Drumheller’s neighbourhoods, becoming flies on the wall who are not involved in the incidents.
    Most incidents the Citizens on Patrol are involved in are related to drunk and reckless driving, vandalism, break and enters into businesses, and large groups of people roaming neighbourhoods in the wee hours.
    “We try to be as transparent as can be,” said the source. “We are a quiet organization that is just extra eyes and ears for the RCMP.”
    Qualifications for volunteering include being over 18, pass a RCMP Security Investigation, complete a short training session.
    Hopeful applicants can apply by phoning the Drumheller RCMP detachment, (403) 823-7590.

Drumheller graphic arts student wins Eddie Award


    A local graphic artist won one of the most fun contests out there.
    The Big Rock Brewery Eddie Awards have become a legendary event. Started in 1993 as a parody to the Oscars, it is a chance to let loose creatively to fashion an ad featuring Big Rock’s products. It also raises funds for charity.
    Jason Cox, a student at Max Campus won the student print category. He worked under the guidance of Jon Sheppard, new media instructor at the school. He beat out 11 other entries.
    “MAX Campus admires Jason’s commitment to his animation studies and his creative artistry of placing the Big Rock brand into the infamous Stonehenge using software and techniques he was taught at MAX Campus,” said a press release.
    For his accomplishments, Big Rock Brewery awarded Jason $500 as well as donated $500 to MAX Campus.
    You can see Cox’s entry and many others by going to


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