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Kneehill votes against land redesignation

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At the Tuesday, May 14, Kneehill County Council Meeting, council members were presented with a Request for Decision to give second reading to Land Use Bylaws 1895 and 1896, in order to have a Redesignation of Lands in the County for a proposed landfill to be constructed.

Waste Connection of Canada’s Integrated Waste Management Facility proposed for Kneehill County, was met with great opposition from a full house of nearby residents at the Tuesday, April 23, Public Hearing.

Council heard from many members of the public who expressed their concerns of what the landfill will mean for their livelihoods. Including Meagan Metzger, who owns and operates a campground within eye distance of where the proposed landfill would be. “We have a recreational place for people to fish, camp and enjoy nature. We are very concerned about the smell that will be travelling, and we are very concerned about the seagulls as well,” expressed Metzger about how the project would greatly impact her business.

In the end, those in attendance pleaded with council to do the right thing and vote against the second reading.

“This is our decision today around the redesignation, and it is our responsibility to make that decision in a way that not only benefits Kneehill County, but protects the people who live here,” states Kneehill County Reeve Ken King. “I think from my point of view, if we say yes to the redesignation, we are technically saying yes to the landfill.”

“I never got a clear definition when we sat in the Public Hearing to any of the questions, the ones in which came from the 377 letters (received from the public before the deadline) I read,” expressed Councillor Fobes. “I did put myself in the shoes of every single person who wrote those letters because I am affected by it and we are all in this together.”

“So what is the wish of the Council?” asks Reeve King.

Councillor Fobes moves second reading to Bylaw 1895 & 1896 Land Use Bylaw Amendment to Direct Control Districts.

With six votes for no, and one for yes, the motion failed.

“This is such great news! I am very much relieved and a bit surprised,” Metzger tells the Mail. “I was on the fence on how they would vote.

FunTeam Alberta recognizes 2023 Nicky Sereda Outstanding Participant Award

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A Drumheller hockey player was recognized by FunTeam Alberta as the 2023 recipient of the Nicky Sereda Outstanding Participant Award.
This award is handed out annually to the participant who demonstrated exceptional dedication to the principles of FunTeam Alberta. Nate Sereda was a strong role model for his peers, demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship and a commitment to trying his best every shift on the ice all season long.
Nate has been registered in the program since 2014 playing 10 seasons of FunTeam Hockey. He’s matured beyond his 14 years and leads by example with a smile on his face, but it is his respect towards everyone he meets that really shines through. Nate also likes to snowboard, and mountain bike and plays a variety of other sports like basketball, baseball and swimming.
FunTeam programming has been in Drumheller for 30 years and is consistently producing stand-up young athletes who strive for the best for themselves, their teammates, coaches and family members.
“We have Group Manager Nicky Sereda to thank for that. His dedication and willingness to promote our organization every step of the way was the reason we named this prestigious award after him. It’s amazing that 30 years later, his eldest grandson will see his name on this award as well as a recipient, following the example set by his grandfather,” states a release from FunTeam Alberta.
“It is fantastic to see FunTeam in Drumheller passed on through the generations. It truly is a full-circle moment. FunTeam Alberta is proud to have such a strong ambassador for our values in Nate leading the way in Drumheller and we are very excited to have him as our recipient. Congratulations Nate.”

Pharmacists warn of potentially dangerous supplement circulating

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A local pharmacist is warning the public to be wary when ordering drugs or natural health products online after witnessing the damage they can do.
Ray Ainscough of Riverside Value Drug Mart and pharmacy student Nicholas Poole tell the Mail there have been patrons ordering a supplement called Umary online. It is widely available on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers. The Mexican manufactured substance purports to be a natural health supplement.
“They are using it for pain, basically. It is reported to be a natural health product to reduce your pain tolerance and provides pain relief. On the ingredients, it has a bunch of natural health products listed however, there have been some tests done, such as by Test Your Drugs in B.C. and they have found the tablets may contain high doses of diclofenac,” said Poole.
He explains this is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. This kind of drug goes through your kidneys to be excreted.
“They reported up to 700 milligrams of diclofenac, which typically has a maximum dose of 100 milligrams,” he said. “It may cause a lot of adverse side effects like decreased kidney function, cardiovascular events and increased risk of bleeding.”
Ainscough said a patient came into the pharmacy and said they had seen some effects on their kidney levels, and did some research. The pharmacy also did some research and saw this had been reported.
“We have had about four patients now who are using it and have had adverse effects from it,” said Poole.
He explains that when a product is advertised as a natural health supplement it has fewer restrictions and guidelines to follow. This product does not list diclofenac as an ingredient.
“Immediately discontinue using it, bring any bottles you have to the pharmacy so they can dispose of it properly and then you can follow up with your pharmacy or your family physician just to make sure nothing has gone wrong with your body because of taking it,” said Poole.
Milkumar Patel of Shoppers Drug Mart in Drumheller tells the Mail, he had one patient asking about Umary a couple of months ago but has not heard from them since.
He does recommend that people be wary when exploring natural health supplements, and approach them with a critical mindset. Be skeptical of miracle claims. It is always important to consult with healthcare professionals and do your research, looking into quality and safety. He notes to be aware of possible interactions with other medications and start with low doses. It is very important to consider the sources, especially when buying online.
Ainscough says it is rare for them to see these kinds of products slip through.
“But when there is a third person in a week, and two of the three have had medical emergencies, it scares the heck out of me.”


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