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Co-op Till Tape Program supports dozens of community organizations



It has become one of the most dependable fundraisers in the valley, and with its most recent disbursement, The Co-op Till Tape Program can brag of an investment of almost $200,000 into the community.
    The program, which has been ongoing since 2000, issued cheques to the numerous organizations that use the fundraiser. On February 5, they distributed $11,312.54 to participating organizations. This brings its nine-year total to $196,048.99.
    The Till Tape Program is simple. A shopper can collect their receipts when they shop at the Drumheller Co-op. They then turn the till tapes over to the community group of their choice. The group then submits them to the Drumheller Co-op and in turn the Co-op pays out one per cent of the total, not including GST.  The Co-op disperses cheques twice a year.
    Organizations that have benefitted from the program include Aquadinnies, $345.85; Badlands Historical Centre, $459.35; Bedrock Play School, $3,623.87; Beta Sigma Phi, $6,641.11; Beta Sigma Phi RHO, $6,237.20; Big Country Victims Services, $4415.07; Canadian Badlands Passion Play, $1,223.61; Carbon Legion, $1,328.38; Carbon Shadow Riders, $951.17; Carbon TOPS Chapter, $100.33; Church of The Latter Day Saints, $114.50, Dalum Country Club, $97.80; Dalum Friendship Club, $3,833.46; DARTS, $6,383.99; DCHS Exchange, $78.68; DCHS Christian Program, $556.24; Delia 4-H Multi Club, $393.83; Drumheller 2nd Scout Group, $75.72; Drumheller Alliance Youth Group, $255.11; Drumheller Cubs, $71.25; Drumheller Cancer Centre, $8,203.36; Drumheller Elks Club, $41,517.36; Drumheller Girl Guides, $961.04; Drumheller 2nd Girl Guides; $843.65; Drumheller Gymnastics Club, $153.04; Drumheller Legion; $4,347.55; Drumheller and District Music Festival; $42.64; Drumheller and District Humane Society; $304.50; Drumheller Navy League; $1,577.21; Drumheller Public Library, $5,210.41; Drumheller Scouts, $3,545.10; Drumheller Society for Recovery, $1,051.89, Drumheller Teen Centre $54.13; Drumheller Valley Ski Club, $132.14; East Coulee Playground committee, $592.51;  Fellowship Baptist Church, $1,466.24; Fish and Game Association, $980.38; FunTeam Hockey, $11,646.48; Grace Lutheran Church, $1,428.43; Grace Lutheran Church Youth, $2,740.31; Greentree School Breakfast Program, $1,844.01; Greentree School, $2,231.53; Heart to Heart Society, $16,069.69; Heart and Stroke Foundation; $404.31; Hesketh Community Hall Association,$303.79; Homestead Museum, $325.87; Hussar ECS, $1,601.86; Hussar School Trip fundraiser, $872.20; Kidsport, $47.59; Knox United Church, $7,218.19; Latter Day Saints Youth Group, $1,494.21; Morrin ECS, $3,188.40; Morrin Library, $49.36; Morrin UCW, $2,594.58; Munson Community Association, $2,812.03; Munson Women’s Institute, $1,595.06; Nazarene Church, $4,502.69; Order of the Eastern Star, $443.77; Orkney Athletic Association, $1,791.36; Our Saviors Church, $977.09; Palliative Care, $6,869.01; Rainbow Riders 4-H Club, $198.83; Rosedale Recreation Society, $5,730.87; Drumheller Rotary Club, $294.64; Rumsey-Rowley 4-H beef, $426; The Salvation Army, $3,079.53; DCHS Volleyball, $3,574.99; St. Anthony’s Church, $58.61; St. Anthony’s School, $17,415.59; St. Magloire’s Anglican Women, $2,553.63; STARS, $274.97; Sunshine Lodge, $3,656.22; Tapiskoch Kayas Metis Society, $235.70; Titans Football, $2,848.34; TOPS #5273, $64.31; TOPS #4981, $1,832.94; TOPS #778, 3,527.94; Valley Christian School Society, $593.48; Verdant Valley and Dorcas Women’s Institute, $6,754.05; Wayne Community  Association, $4,058.54 and Youth Bowling, $1,765.32.

Proposed rail line purchase attracts interest


 rail-line.jpgAn information meeting was held on Thursday, February 4 organized by The Drumheller Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Drumheller Economic Development Task Force.
    The purpose was to raise awareness to businesses in Drumheller about the economic impact of buying, leasing and operating the rail west of Oyen to east of Lyalta. 
    Alan Hampton, a director on the board, gave a presentation to approximately 15 local business owners and residents to highlight the benefits to businesses in Drumheller.
    The focus up to now has been to seek commitments for shareholders and put together a $250,000 deposit to accompany an offer to CNR to purchase the rail. The group have so far acquired around $150,000 in sales of share.
    Local producers have also been approached and a survey is in place to ascertain the amount of grain haulage they would want to use the rail line for.
    The group is continuing to seek commitment from interested shareholders but they are also directing their efforts to ensure business people and communities are aware of the economic impact purchasing this line will have.                  Ray Telford, of the Town of Drumheller Economic Development Task Force  explained: “If we lose the railway, we will lose out on future opportunities. For instance, every so often, major companies try to relocate in Alberta, one of their top three questions is ‘are you located near a rail line?’ so if the rail line was out, we would be taken right off the opportunity list.”
    Alan Hampton told The Mail : “We are also looking for commitment from people who are going to be using the line...if you want a rail you have got to be able to operate the rail, and to do this, we need traffic.”
    Other suggestions included local businesses that could use the rail line to ship their products to the area, with tourism being another area that could take advantage of the rail line  for tourism tours from Calgary to Drumheller via Rosebud in the future.
    Patrice Wolf, owner of the Inn at Heartwood, attended the meeting and is looking at becoming a shareholder. She explained to The Mail “I certainly would want to be promoting a commuter train, to bring the bodies into Drumheller.  With the conventions facilities going up, I think we could definitely make it pay.  I think it is going to be a win-win because the grain producers will want a train to lower their overheads and we want a train to come through town to bring the tourists.” 
    CN has now been notified by the group that they will be making an offer and the deadline has been relaxed from February 18 to an unkown date as yet but Hampton is expecting the bid will need to be made during the first week of April.
    Beforehand, a full due diligence will be completed to  answer questions about land contamination and maintenance required on the 109 bridges on the line.
    If you would like more information about this project, please visit The Badlands Railway Company, now a numbered company, at

Fire at Rosedale truck shop



A furnace fire in the shop at Reg Gallagher Trucking in Rosedale brought out Rosedale and Drumheller Fire Departments to quell the blaze around 5 p.m. Friday evening.
    The building is heated by a coal stoker, and firefighters had to chop through the interior wall of the shop to reach the source of the fire, and the department’s heat-sensing camera was used to determine the exact location of the flames. Several trucks had to be removed from the building during the incident, and no injuries were reported.
    Drumheller RCMP and Badlands EMS also attended the scene.






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