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Police make another sizable seizure of drugs

    Drumheller RCMP has made another significant seizure of drugs along the highways surrounding the town.
    On September 15, the Drumheller detachment received a request from Calgary Police Service for assistance in locating a vehicle believed to be transporting drugs.
    At about 2:30 p.m. Constable Jones and Constable Maxwell located the vehicle on Highway 9, north of Drumheller.
    The result was the seizure of cocaine and crack cocaine with a street value of almost $24,000. It also led to the arrest of two individuals.
    Staff Sergeant Art Hopkins said the stop was the result of cooperation between the two agencies.
    The investigation has also helped the Calgary Police. Hopkins said this investigation allowed the Calgary Police to attain search warrants, which resulted in more arrests and seizures of drugs and property.
    “The drug seizures here don’t only affect the town. The drugs that we caught were passing through, and the seizure here has far reaching consequences in other parts of the country, be it Saskatoon, be it Calgary,” said Hopkins. “All the tidbits of information go together to make a big picture.”
     Penny L. Siles, 45, of Chestermere and Lacey N. Ironman, 26, of Calgary have been charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking. They have been released on cash bail and are scheduled to appear in provincial on October 14.

Drumheller team fired up over new records

    The 2011 Canadian Badlands Scott Firefit Championship Finals were held in Medicine Hat last week from September 15-18. Two Drumheller residents, Duane Bolin and Merv Smith, participated in the nationwide event.
    “This year we hosted the Southern Alberta Regionals here in Drumheller and with the nationals here in Alberta it gave us a chance to attend a couple more events,” commented Bolin. “Normally the nationals are in the east, and only about every five or six years they’re out in the west.”
    The competition is based on firefighting tasks that are typically performed in emergency situations, such as a stair climb, hose hoist, forcible entry, hose advance, and victim rescue. The events are made even more physically demanding by being conducted in full firefighting gear with a self-contained breathing apparatus. The event promotes the importance of fitness and demonstrates the skills needed in firefighting.
    “This is my eleventh year doing these,” said Bolin. “It’s a great way to stay in shape and once you’re involved in them it’s a great venue to meet new people and develop bonds between firefighters across Canada.”
    Both Drumheller participants achieved personal bests. “With the extra competitions we got to attend this year it definitely helps,” said Bolin. “Lifting weights, jogging, or running stairs only does so much, you really need to have the course to work on technique and get better.”
    During the Thursday Men’s Wildcard event, Bolin scored a time of 1:59.10 and Smith achieved his personal best of 2:05.63, placing fourth and fifth respectively in the over 45 age category.
    For the Saturday Men’s Individual Run, Bolin improved upon his previous time and scored his personal best of 1:53.95, placing fourth in the over 45 category. Smith scored a time of 2:12.35, and in the over 45 category placed seventh.
    In the NXG2 team relay the the two did a time of  2:09.50 during the Friday Men’s Wildcard. For the finals  the team scored a personal best time of 1:54.25, placing eighteenth overall.
    The team isn’t done yet: “We definitely plan on attending more next year, and maybe hosting it in Drumheller again a year or two down the road.”

Rosebud’s Queen Milli of Galt lands close to home for Ontario actor

    Hailing from Galt, Ontario, Heather Pattengale is thrilled to be appearing in the role of Millicent Milroy in Rosebud Theatre’s Queen Milli of Galt by Gary Kirkham, a “royally” funny romance.
     When the handsome, young Prince Edward visits Galt, Ontario in the autumn of 1919 everyone wants to see him, everyone that is except Millicent Milroy. The feisty Milli would rather work in her garden than join the throngs hoping to catch even a glimpse of the king-to-be. An escape from his relentless schedule leads Edward down Milli’s garden path. When the two meet what begins as mutual disdain for each other, gradually evolves into an extraordinary romance that leads to the crowning of Queen Milli of Galt. 
    Pattengale, who was born in Galt, before it was renamed Cambridge, is familiar with Queen Milli’s story and has visited the tombstone that Milli erected following the death of the Prince of Wales.
     “I first heard about Milli’s story when I worked for the Cambridge Historical Society. It’s a Cambridge urban myth. No one knows all the facts about her life, but I think the way the play frames her story is beautiful, and funny. In fact, I laughed out loud when I read the script for the first time. I love Milli. She’s feisty and won’t take any guff from anyone. She’s a real human being, who gives the prince a run for his money, which I think is great.”
     Executive Director Morris Ertman comments, “This is one of the best plays I’ve worked on in a long time. It comes off the page like an entertainment rocket and then grabs your heart and never lets go. It’s Rosebud Theatre’s must-see play of the season for those who want to leave the theatre feeling like every part of their entertainment hunger has been satisfied. I love this play, and I think audiences will too!”
     Queen Milli of Galt is a “royally” funny romance that will capture your heart and spur you to create your own destiny. Queen Milli of Galt by Gary Kirkham runs at Rosebud Theatre from September 9, through October 22, 2011. For tickets and show times call 1-800-267-7553 or visit


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