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Councillors receive new appointments at organizational meeting

    After a year on the job, Drumheller Town Councillors have realigned themselves to new board appointments.
    Council held its annual organizational meeting on Monday, October 24. This is where the portfolios of councillors are assigned, and there were a few changes.
    This year, Mayor Terry Yemen has been appointed to the Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce, the Disaster Service Committee, the Community Standards Appeal Committee, the Economic Development Task Force, the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group, the Kneehill Regional Water Services Commission and the Badlands Community Facility Steering Committee.
    Doug Stanford has been appointed to the Airport Commission, the Municipal Planning Commission, the Community Advisory Commission for the RCMP, the Police Committee, Badlands Ambulance, the Disaster Service Committee and Crime Stoppers.
    Andrew Berdahl has been appointed to the Municipal Planning Commission, the Drumheller Public Library Board, the Disaster Service Committee, the Revitalization Corporation, the Drumheller and District Humane Society and the Badlands Community Facility Steering Committee.
    Sharel Shoff has been appointed to Palliser Regional Municipal Service, Community Futures, Communities in Bloom, the Assessment Review Board and the Economic Development Task Force.
    Jay Garbutt is on the Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association, the Drumheller Housing Administration, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the Community Standards Appeal Committee, the Taxi Commission and the Badlands Community Facility Steering Committee.
    Tom Zariski will sit on the Valley Bus Society, the Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation, the Heritage Steering Committee and the Badlands Community Facility Design Committee.
    Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk will sit on the Drumheller Agriculture and Stampede Board, the Sub-division Appeal Board, Communities in Bloom, the Community Standards Appeal Board, the Assessment Review Board, the Revitalization Corporation and the Taxi Commission.

Terry Fox Run raises $5,800

    This year’s Terry Fox Run was a great success, raising nearly $6,000.
    The annual run was held on Sunday, September 18 at Midland Hall. It attracted a strong crowd of walkers and runners, as well as Mrs. Gerodo’s Grade 2 class from Greentree School. In total, the community raised $5,800 at the one-day event.
    Organizer Sharel Shoff is appreciative to all who participated in this year’s event, including Gerodo’s class and the parents who participated. The Greentree School contingent raised about two-thirds of the total.
    The volunteers also played a great role at the event, doing everything from putting up signs to registering the participants. The Midland Community Association donated the use of the hall for the event and the Elks Club came out once again to serve lunch following the run.
    At this year’s event, Shoff recognized the longtime support of some of the participants. Edith Suntjens and Lyle Row have participated in the run since the initial event in 1980. Donna Wilton has participated in the most runs with 29.    
    “Without the dedication of people like these, cancer could not be beaten. 87 cents of every dollar raised is spent on cancer research,” said Shoff.

Long gun, long gone

    It has been a long time coming for gun owners, but this week they learned there is an end in sight for the end of the long gun registry.
    This week the government introduced Bill 19 to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act. The bill will repeal the requirement to register non-restricted firearms, such as hunting rifles and shotguns. The plan will also see the destruction of all records pertaining to the registration. The act will maintain control over restricted and prohibited weapons.
    “Our government is committed to putting the safety of Canadians first with real action on crime that delivers enhanced protection for communities. That is why our government is investing in a number of effective measures such as putting more police on our streets, fighting organized crime, introducing mandatory minimum penalties for serious gun crime and combating gun smuggling,” said Crowfoot MP Kevin Sorenson. “Bill C-19 is consistent with our efforts to ensure firearms laws target real criminals and protect the safety of the public. Finally, we will ensure that the data on the existing registry is destroyed to prevent a future government from trying to resurrect another one.”
    Local gun owner and hunter Stuart Pennycook has been a vocal opponent of the long gun registry since it was introduced in 1995.
    “We live in a free country don’t we? Why should we have to register our guns?” he said.
    His take on the registry is that it was a money grab from the get go and in fact he still would like to see a refund from when he first registered his guns.
    Pennycook registered his guns and paid an $18 fee. This was before May 2004 when the government decided to waive the fee just before an election. He started his campaign right then.
 He wrote MP Kevin Sorenson making his case that the money should be refunded. Sorenson forwarded it to the Prime Minister’s office, and eventually received a response from the then Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan.
    She wrote back saying that the fee elimination only applies to applications made after May 20, 2004.
     Now that the registry is to be completely eliminated, as well as the pertaining records, Pennycook says there is even more reason he should get his refund. Despite this, he applauds the government for its action.
    “It took a while, but it’s government, it always takes a while,” he said.
    While he would like a refund, he doesn’t mind spending his money when it is for something he believes in.
    “Every hunter should buy a membership in the Conservative Party to show appreciation for scrapping the registry,” he said.


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