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Last updateTue, 21 May 2024 12am

Mail still a trickle for some customers


    While a Canada Post spokesperson said the mail delivery is back on track in Drumheller, a number of customers in town are not receiving all of their mail.

    In the January 12, edition of The Drumheller Mail, spokesperson for Canada Post said replacement carriers were in place, and the delivery problems were corrected.
    This appears not to be the case as The Mail and inSide Drumheller continue to hear from dissatisfied customers who are not receiving their mail in a timely fashion. The delivery of this week’s issue of The Drumheller Mail was again delayed for some customers as well.
    The Drumheller Mail wants to make sure readers are able to get their news in a timely fashion, and issues are available at The Drumheller Mail office at 515 Highway 10 East. The Mail has also restocked a newspaper box near The Brick in downtown Drumheller for subscribers to pick up this week’s edition free of a charge.
    It is an annoyance to Dorothy Bergos.
    “Those people who think it is fixed are wrong,” she said. This week she finally received some Christmas cards. The regular delivery person she has learned has not returned from holidays.
    The delivery is having its effect not only on the delivery of regular mail, but also parcels. Riverside Value Drug Mart has a postal outlet in its store.
    “People are coming in looking for their parcels and they are not here,” said Susan Hankins, who operates the outlet.
    She said the parcels are coming in to the outlet later than promised on people’s cards. In addition, because of the sporadic delivery, while they send out pick-up cards, it is not known if the customer has received it. They have re-carded some customers.
    Hankins said if you are expecting a parcel, and have not received a card, they can look up if the parcel is in, and are able to issue a pick–up card on the spot. She is also holding some parcels longer than the allotted time before sending them back to make sure customers don’t miss pick up on parcels because of the mail service. They are also helping by calling people who are expecting a parcel when it arrives        “We’re dealing with a lot of complaints, but we can’t do anything,” she said. “Customers have been pretty understanding.”
    One customer who has been vocal in the past says his mail delivery is back to normal. Bob Benner said his delivery has resumed at its normal pace.
    The Drumheller Mail and inSide Drumheller want to know if you are receiving your mail. Give us a call at 403-823-2580 or e-mail us at

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