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Last updateTue, 23 Jul 2024 1pm

Town gives Ski Club deadline

    The Town of Drumheller has stepped back from an agreement with the Drumheller Valley Ski Club because the organization it signed the deal with, no longer exists. On November 10, the Town of Drumheller served a Notice of Termination of the Sale Agreement to the Drumheller Valley Ski Club. One of the main reasons the agreement was terminated according to Mayor Terry Yemen, is the Drumheller Valley Ski Club no longer exists.
    “It has been ongoing for about a year. There is no identity; there is no one to do business with. They have lost their charter as far as a not for profit organization,” said Yemen. “We struggled with it because nobody wants to take away any recreational venues from the community, but in the name of responsibility we didn’t see how we could go on doing business like that.”
    About a year ago, the organizations entered into a new agreement of intent to operate the ski hill. This agreement, according to a press release, was conditioned upon the Ski Club acknowledging its indebtedness to the Town of Drumheller, and that the debt be settled within a reasonable period of time. Meeting all the conditions, would pave the way for the Drumheller Valley Ski Club to sell the land to Badlands Ski Hill Ltd., the company operated by Zrinko Amerl. Badlands Ski Hill would be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ski hill.
    Since then, according to registries, the Ski Club no longer exists.
    Zeke Wolf was president of the Drumheller Valley Ski Club before it disappeared from registries. Since learning of the problem, he has been working on solving it.
    “Since I was made aware of it, we have been trying to catch up,” said Wolf.
    According to the Town’s press release, “The Drumheller Valley Ski Hill Association is required to remedy all defects at the Ski Hill. This includes payment of all indebtedness to the Town and to provide the Town firm assurances that the Association will undertake the operation of the ski hill for the 2010-2011 season. If the defects are not remedied within seven days, the Association is required to surrender the land to the Town.”
    Wolf said the seven-day deadline is unrealistic.
    “I can’t go any faster than the system allows me to go,” said Wolf. “For someone to say ‘you have seven days to get things done’ may not have a good grasp on how government works.”
    Zrinko Amerl said from his understanding the Club has been taking steps to rectify the situation. He has been ready to take ownership of the ski hill, but before that could happen, there was an agreement to be reached with the Passion Play Society over some of the property that makes up the ski hill.  That has been completed, and now the registration of the society is holding up the potential sale.
    Wolf believes the ski hill is important for the Town’s viability.
    “We are working towards getting this all done, and it will get done. For the town to say you've got seven days is unreasonable,” he said. “There is no one in town who wants the ski hill to fold. In the winter time, in Drumheller, there is nothing to do here, we need that ski hill. The kids go and use it and  I believe that Zrinko can build it up and attract more people.”
    Mayor Yemen said the deadline is solid unless they see something concrete initiated. He adds, they are also open to another organization or a solvent entrepreneur who wants to step forward to take over the operation.

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