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Morgan Jayne's name dedicated to clinic in Roatan

The namesake of a young woman has already helped to raise thousands of dollars to help the plight of babies at risk of contacting AIDS, is being adopted by a clinic to help young families ravaged by drugs.
    The Morgan Jayne Project is now over two years old, the main focus of the project has been to supply formula to babies hoping to break the chain of transmission of the disease between mother and child.

   Less than two weeks ago Familias Saluables, the organization that facilitates the project in the Roatan, as well as other programs, announced the founding of the Morgan Jayne Infant Care Centre.
    The care centre is aimed at helping infants at risk. The organization is often confronted with children born to mothers, whom, for a number of reasons, including disease and drug addiction, are not able to take care of their children. The program is aimed at taking the children out of harms way, and helping the family.
    “Out of necessity we have developed a new program that will  care for infants short term (0 to 4 months),” said Valerie Nelson director of Familias Saluables. “After we deal with the drug addictions, medical concerns, and/or HIV exposure with these children we hope that we can assist the mothers in being able to care for these infants.  If not, they will be placed into local families.”
     Fred Makowecki, father of Morgan Jayne, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 18, explains the Morgan Jayne Fund will continue its work raising funds to supply formula, however the namesake of the clinic comes from the youthful vitality and the inspiration to make a difference that Morgan Jayne brings the clinic.
    “They feel her presence,” he says. “She’s become a symbol of strength.”
     The need often precedes the means. Already they have admitted the first client to the clinic, before the  construction a new facility began.
    Baby Will was born just weeks ago.  He is the 12th child of a crack-addicted prostitute. He was born having grand mal seizures, often a symptom as he withdraws from the same crack cocaine his mother has been using.
    “The Morgan Jayne Project has already played a big presence in his life. He is drinking a high calorie formula bought from MJ, he is wearing socks bought from MJ donations, and he has been given seizure medication bought with funds from "MJ". His oxygen tank that will let him take each breath was refilled today with funds from "MJ" as the hospital does not have  funds to pay for more than one tank per person and he used his since yesterday!” said Nelson via e-mail.
    The plan is to one-day build a centre that can house eight infants at once.  Makowecki says the facility can be completed for an estimated $80,000.
    “It’s going to happen regardless,” said Makowecki.
    The dedication of Morgan’s name to the project, and now the clinic, proves to him her life was not in vain. Her name will live on.
 The Morgan Jayne Project continues to plug along. This weekend, as part of the Country Fair in downtown Drumheller there will be a pancake breakfast, with the funds going to the project.
    Makowecki has also received the clinic’s annual Christmas wish list for the youngsters whose lives have been affect by the organization. There are 66 children on the list, all hoping for brighter Christmas.
    For more information on the Morgan Jayne Project, the clinic or to obtain the Christmas wish list, contact Makowecki ay 403-823-8082.

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