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Crime rates decrease across the Valley in 2023

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As a result of Drumheller’s RCMP Staff Sergeant, Robert Harms’, presentation to town council on Monday, December 11th, The Drumheller Mail requested a follow-up interview as to what it means that this past quarter all crimes are down by 44 percent. “Person’s crimes,” he says, “the more serious crimes like stabbings and sexual or aggravated assaults, are being closely monitored and are down 17 percent from January to September of this year. Property crimes are down 24 percent. These don’t get the recognition they deserve, as they aren’t viewed to be as serious as a person’s crime since they aren’t being physically victimized. A lot of the attention from the public is focused on these crimes because they are the most aggravating to people, with the theft of vehicles and personal property.”
Other crimes that are down by 20 percent include offenses such as court breaches.
These results are favourable and although the efforts of the RCMP detachment aren’t entirely responsible, they have made a huge improvement from January to September of this year. There is a need for more public assistance in reporting crimes as they see them happening.
There has been more of a police presence at night, as Harms is adamant that his detachment “provides the best policing to our communities, as they expect it.”
The RCMP, with help from the community, identified its policies. These range from educating and engaging with the public to fraud awareness presentations to being in the schools more, working with youth. They have also set priorities with enforcement such as check stops, drug operations, and making sure repeat offenders are abiding by these conditions set by our judicial system.
The detachment is currently at full staff, unlike others in Alberta. The 15 members working out of the Drumheller detachment are very energetic and very much about being out in the community. He explains, “They run what is called a ‘Post Detachment Model’ meaning the town of Drumheller pays for 11 members plus the province has commissioned four additional members. They operate as an amalgamated unit, not designated to certain zones, except for one municipal traffic member who stays within our town limits and focuses on traffic safety.” Our whole community is getting the benefit of all 15 members, most of whom are frontline general duty constables (patrol members) along with supervisors and a three-man plainclothes unit. They are called the General Investigation Section and they focus on crime reduction and drug enforcement.
Harms explains, “Our overall crime has come down this last year, but we can’t take full credit for the statistics decreasing, only some. One of the big factors is that a lot of the crimes are committed by repeat offenders, as well as a direct correlation between drug use and property crime. Prolific or repeat offenders are being followed, they are being closely monitored and followed up with regularly, making sure people comply with their conditions.”
The Drumheller RCMP will be further engaging with surrounding communities in the new year to set 2024’s priorities. Mocha With The Mounties is a one on one with detachment members and the public and is a great way for the public to address ideas and concerns.

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