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Last updateTue, 28 Jun 2022 4pm

Happy Father's Day to all the funny Dads!

You know who has the best sense of humor? Dads of course. Sure, some teens might roll their eyes, and mom shakes her head, but no one is funnier than dad! We have proof!

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Bernie Germain, with Andrew and Lydia

“I had to amputate a man’s toe the other day, I put a prosthetic mint in its place… I gave him a TIC TAC TOE!”

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Sheldon Hodgson with Irelyn, Chloe, Makayla, Jane and Camryn

“Who can drink 20 litres of gasoline?
Jerry can!”


Scott Duggan with Cooper and Caden

“I love telling dad jokes…
Sometimes he laughs!”

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Serafino Grande with Sean

“What happened to the good old days where you could kiss your horse good night?”

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Cam White with Avery and Elliot

“Honey, can I please have more soup?… it’s souper!”

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