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Strong support for Salvation Army over Christmas

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Despite missing their initial goal of raising $40,000 through the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign, the church is grateful to the community for its support of the programs it delivers to the most vulnerable in our community.
    The Salvation Army Kettle Campaign raised $36,037.58.
    “We didn’t get our goal of $40,000, but we did get $36,000 so that is pretty amazing,” said Shane Hillier of the Salvation Army.
    There were a number of factors that may have contributed to the shortfall, including a tough economic climate.  This was made apparent by the 158 hampers the Salvation Army provided to individuals and families in need.
    “From what we saw throughout the year, we were really surprised at the demand we had,” said Hillier.
    The Salvation Army was also short one kettle location because of the closure of the Drumheller Co-op.
    The funds raised by the Kettle Campaign fund the Salvation Army’s Community Services for the year and the funds stay local to serve the community.
    At times when the Salvation Army food bank supplies dwindle, the organization has to dip into these funds to buy food. By keeping food donations strong it allows the funds to be used for other pressing needs.
    “2018 is probably going to be a busy year. There is still a need in the new year, so we hope people keep that in mind when they are picking up groceries,” said Hillier.

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