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Last updateMon, 15 Oct 2018 4pm

Drumhellerite shares the love

    Words can have a profound effect. They can take someone from the depths of despair to the heights of happiness. However, in an age when communication is instantaneous, some feel that power is being lost.
    Ashley Green, a native of Drumheller and daughter of Clint and Lynn Hemming, is hoping to change that.
    Green has started a unique project to bring back the power of words with Love Letters to Strangers. When out and about, Green will hand strangers, for example a cashier, a small note filled with kind, affirming messages.
    “Love letters are something I’ve loved throughout my whole life. I was introduced to them through my family, so I was inspired by them to tell people what I think of them and to inspire them. It also brings back the power of words,” said Green. “Showing kindness to people and making their day better was the extra cherry on top.”
    Green has also started holding workshops encouraging others to start making letters of their own. She comes to Drumheller on February 28 at the Grace Lutheran Church and then will present to the DVSS Friends of Rachel Club.
    There will also be a public workshop later this year on November 28.
    “Everyone in the community is welcome to attend. It’s about spreading anonymous love. The idea isn’t to give them to friends and family, but to random people,” said Hemming.
    In Edmonton, the letters have been well-received.
    “Most of the responses are very positive. Some people, I think, don’t know how to react. I’ve had people run up to me and tell me their life story, give me a hug, or send me an e-mail saying how much it meant to them. It has definitely been an inspiration to keep this project moving forward and growing,” said Green.
    However, there has been some indifference and even outright negative responses.
    “I think it’s not common for people to encounter like this, so there are people who aren’t fazed by this. There are a couple cynical people who didn’t react well, but I hope over time they will look at the letter and have a different reaction,” said Green.
    Green and participants in her program are making a huge push in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day to spread the love with a massive campaign.
    Green, who was born and raised here, moved out of Drumheller in 2006 to pursue a BA in English and history at the University of Alberta. Now 24, she is currently working as a freelance photographer in addition to making the Love Letters.
    To learn more about Love Letters to Strangers, click here.