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Last updateThu, 23 May 2024 12pm

Remember hits Napier Theatre in debut screening


Roll out the red carpet.

Filmmakers Dallas and Greg Lammiman are nearing completion of their first feature length movie, Remember. To celebrate they are hosting a screening of the film on July 16, at 7 p.m., at the Napier Theatre.


The movie was exclusively filmed here in Drumheller this past December and January. Crews were filming around the Passion Play site and in Elim Pentecostal Church.

“I’m glad they came and asked us to do this. Anything filmed here in Drumheller, it’s only natural to open here. It’s a great idea, I’m looking forward to it,” said Jeff Larson, owner of the Napier Theatre.

The story follows Captain Carl Onoway, played by Justin Lewis. Captain Onoway is charged with protecting children in a near future where parents are no longer allowed to keep their children. Instead, the state takes children away from their parents at birth to raise in state run facilities. The inspiration of the movie comes from Plato’s Republic.

The state also controls its citizens through the use of memory blocking drugs. Things start to unfold when Captain Onoway suffers a traumatic incident and is forced to up his dosage of the memory blocking drug. When someone begins freeing children from the state run facilities, it is up to Onoway to investigate and stop them.

The movie stars many actors from the Passion Play and Rosebud Theatre such as Rachel Peacock as Carl’s wife Wendy Onoway and Scott Heatcoat plays Onoway’s partner Lieutenant Andrew Turner.

The screening is approaching fast. Dallas and Greg have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the film.

“We’ve been editing 24/7 for the past week,” said Greg, who is in charge of editing the sound.

The two take shifts editing the film. Dallas handles the visual effects and assembling the shots. There is currently a team of 20 people from around the world composing the visual effects.

“I’ve been working like crazy on the visual effects. This movie definitely has the most people to coordinate out of anything we’ve done,” said Dallas.

The two are also deeply involved in the Passion Play, leaving less time to edit the movie before the screening. Dallas plays Judas and a Roman soldier. Greg plays Philip.

“We work all week, then come out here and do a different kind of work,” said Dallas. “It’s like when you run a race you have to time your kick at the end. We’re making our kick and I think we’ll make it.”

The screening will be the first chance the two will see the movie on the big screen. Until now they have only seen  it on their computers while editing.

“It’ll be exciting to see it on the big screen, with all of the music and sound,” said Greg. “It’s an independent Christian film with a tiny budget, but it looks great.”

After the screening, the two will polish the movie a little bit more and then enter the film into movie festivals. After that, it’s time for a little break, but there’s always the next project.

“There hasn’t been a lot of time to think, but in September I’ll have some time. I could make at least a dozen movies with the ideas I’ve got, but I don’t have any specifically in mind,” said Dallas.

Tickets for the screening can be bought online at the Remember movie website, DVD’s of the movie can also be prepurchased on the site as well. 


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