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Satellite launches new era in rural internet

    The satellite is in orbit and Xplornet is getting ready to launch its most up to date satellite Internet service.
    John Shoff of Reality Bytes is a dealer for Xplornet in the area and is excited about the new 4G Satellite Internet service. They are planning to launch on February 14, but are looking for people to sign up and be ready for the rural Internet solution.
    He says the new service will help bridge the “digital divide” between rural and urban customer base.
    When satellite Internet came to rural areas the only service by dial up. It was a game changer, however other services in urban areas such as cable, wireless and DSL have made leaps and bounds in terms of speed and affordability. Satellite has also been cost prohibitive to some customers. The new service which will launching in the new year will be competitive in speed and price.
    “When satellite first came in, it was revolutionary, and then it went flat,” said Shoff. “Now it has leaped ahead again and it should be good for several years.”
 Xplornet’s new service is made possible through the launch of ViaSat-1, described as the highest capacity satellite in the world. It was launched in mid-October, and it is getting set for service. Xplornet has purchased bandwidth from this satellite to provide rural service to Canadian customers.
    To back up the service, Shoff explained there is now four Network Operations Centres strategically placed across Canada to connect the satellite to the terrestrial Internet.
    The new service offers residential service with downloads speeds from 1.5 mbps up to 5 mbps. A starting package offers 10 GB of bandwidth allowance, and goes up to 30 GB. There are also business solution packages.
    What is just as exciting is that the cost for the service is not only competitive to existing satellite service, but to urban home service.
    Their residential service packages starts at under $55.
    Shoff is excited by the new service, and is busy starting upgrades to his company’s infrastructure to accommodate the change.
    He said Xplornet is contacting existing customers to tell them about the changes, and have them sign on in anticipation of the change.
    To learn more about the service go to or

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