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Single malt mania

    Shimmering highlights. Long legs. Delicate aroma. A spirit that has plenty of impact.
    No, this is not the description of a beautiful woman; rather, it is the impression left by Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky. 
    The local scotch club meets semi-annually to taste and appreciate fine scotch. This past month’s meeting heralded a tantalizing array of flavours. Who knew taste buds could create a spirit of adventure harmony?
    The group tastes various types of scotch and compares notes, before providing an overall rating.
    Founding member and president, Marcel Augey, often creates geographical and historical information for each scotch, which he presents at each meeting. From tiny distilleries along the Western Highland coast of Scotland, to the infamous Macallan collection in the Speyside region, this group has tasted many fine malts.   In keeping with being responsible, they also have arranged rides home after each event.
    Last meeting, the group tasted the aforementioned Mackinlay’s Rare Old.  This is a rare find, as it is replicated from the scotch left hidden in the Antarctic by Sir Ernest Shackleton during his 1907 ‘Nimrod’ Expedition. A century later the scotch was found, and recreated by master blender Richard Paterson.
    The club provides a unique way to spend an evening. The men and women who make up the scotch club come from various backgrounds and professions, each bringing a fresh sense of interest and enjoyment to the scotch tasting experience. 
    Former Drumheller resident Ray Telford continues to attend scotch club meetings despite the commute from Camrose.
    “The people in the club are great, the appetizers are wonderful and the information and the tasting of the scotch is amazing. The scotch club is definitely  worth the two hour drive from Camrose. I will be a member for a long time,” said Telford.
     Augey says it best: “Like a fine marriage, scotch requires time, attention, and a spirit of passion. It deserves an evocative tribute as it leaves an impression long after the last sip.”

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