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63 per cent say 'YES'

Monday, November 3, brought one of the most exciting voting results in Drumheller’s recent history.
In a substantial majority, 63.3 per cent of those who voted, said ‘YES’ to  the question “Are you in favour of constructing a Community Facility on the location that includes the lands known as John Anderson Park?”
Of 2,466 ballots cast on Monday, 1,561 said ‘YES’ and 905 said ‘NO’, a strong lead in favour of the community facility.
A large 42.9 per cent of all eligible voters in town cast their ballots, a decent number for any vote, but surprisingly low for how much attention has been given to the issue.

The ‘YES’ supporters met at O’Sheas on Monday night to celebrate the success of a hard worked campaign. Their goal was to support the construction of a facility that will bring attention to the town.
Mayor Bryce Nimmo was on hand, and  was clearly ecstatic about the possibilities thisresult will bring.
“It’s very much what I think is important for this town, we passed a big hurdle and there are more to go,” Mayor Nimmo said.
“It was the people who said, ‘look’, this is important. The truth is, this is the best possible location in town and for many, many reasons will prove to be the best.”
The results are very clear in comparison to the October 2007 question.
Roughly the same number of voters came out, about 100 more this go-around.
In 2007, the ‘NO’ vote won with 1,249 votes to 1,146 votes for ‘YES’.
This year’s vote shows a substantial growth in support, and the numbers show it.
The next thoughts on most people's minds are what’s next to accomplish, and Nimmo explained what these hurdles will be.
“The next steps are, what will we put at that location, what can we afford to build, and what do our people want. Without a doubt, we will make sure we can be proud of our town in the province of Alberta,” Nimmo said.
The obstacles that will have to be crossed are sure to be exciting, and just as heated, as the first one crossed on Monday.
Tony Lacher, Committee Chairman in support of the facility, was brimming with just as much pleasure and excitement to see this finally go through.
“I’m happy to see it went the way it did. The residents of Drumheller have spoken loud and clear and I think the results validate the summer questionnaire,” Lacher said with a smile.
“I’m looking forward to moving forward on a project the community will design via public consultations. Let's all work together in building this project into something the whole community can be proud of.”
“The question now is, where do we go? The next step is to use public consultations to see what the public would want at the park, before being sent to design and costing,” Michael Roy, director of Corporate Services said on Tuesday morning.
“This is legal and necessary, but non-binding,” Roy said.
Mayor Nimmo sums up his excitement for the project.
 “These next steps are sure to be fun, interesting, and we will be getting the community involved in the decision making process. It will just be so exciting.”a

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