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Health & Wellness: Herbalist answers their most frequently asked questions

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1. What is an antioxidant; why are they important?

To understand antioxidant, you first need to look at free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are produced internally and externally from the environment. In small amounts, they challenge our system and help us to become stronger; in larger amounts they can do damage and interrupt other processes in the body. Internally, free radicals are produced by things like exercise or infection.

2. What is the simplest diet advice for good health that you can give?

My easiest health advice is to eat a rainbow diet. Different phytonutrients (plant based nutrition) have different appearances, often visible as colour in fruits and veggies. This is an easy way to ensure you are getting a large range of phytonutrients and antioxidants necessary for good health and proper function. The advanced version of this is to try to sub out sugary snacks that are made of simple carbs (donuts and baked goods) with more nutritious and colourful fruit!

3. I’m tired all the time, what can I do?

More than being what you eat, you are the way that you eat. Proper nutrition and meal planning is vital to energy levels. Avoiding foods that are high in sugar in the morning can help prevent energy level crashes in early or mid-day. Instead, eating nutritious complex carbohydrates can help you feel fuller longer and healthier faster. This can be as simple as subbing out cereal for a piece of fruit in the mornings and eating a protein rich snack in the afternoon. Proper rest is also required for optimum functioning so it is important to be getting enough sleep. Try limiting blue light from electronics in the evenings, having quiet restful time before bed or setting a sleep schedule. If working with your habits does not fix the problem, stop by the Valley Health Hub for herbal remedies and supplement advice.

4. What’s a quick remedy for heartburn or gastritis?

My favourite go-to for almost anything stomach related is fennel seed. The seeds can be used whole or crushed in hot water. Crushed will create bigger flavour and more aroma which makes for a lovely tea. No time for tea? The sweet seeds can be chewed directly for anything from indigestion to excess gas.

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