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Carson Brown of Browns’ Dairy recalled by daughter

    Joyce Lyons, nee Brown, now of Strathmore, submitted to The Mail her story of her hero, and that is Carson Brown, her father.
    My Drumheller Hero was my dad: Carson Brown (Browns’ Dairy). He was a genuine kind, compassionate, caring person.  People rich or poor, whatever colour or religion, made no difference to him, he thought of and treated everybody the same. 
    He owned and operated Brown’s Dairy and gave away so much milk that was never paid for.
    My dad never wanted to see children go without.  I know he paid for loads of coal to some families whom were unable to provide for themselves let alone pay their milk bill. 
    He also looked after some of the single men maybe not able to do well enough to quite make it on their own. 
    He provided for cats at the dairy garage with cat food “just in case” the hunting wasn’t  so good!  There was a boiler in the garage and it kept those little creatures warm during the cold weather.
     When I was in Junior High School, next to Drumheller Central School, he acquired an International snub nosed truck. He would pick me up and the other kids from North Drum, on cold winter days, and we’d be packed in like sardines.  If he couldn’t get everyone in he would make a second run.
    From Boy Scouts to school functions he provided the little chocolate milks for all the kids.  One time he was given a little lapel pin from the scouts in recognition.  We were so proud when he went off to this dinner, not knowing he was to receive this little gift. 
    He never thought of himself and was always bringing home stray cats and dogs and they just knew he was a good person and would trust him.
    My dad was proud of Drumheller. He supported the town in many ways.  Every July first he would have a float in the parade and gave his best to all the various community endeavours.
    When Dad passed away, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church In Drumheller held a Mass, and he wasn’t a Catholic but Anglican. This had never been done before and I do not know if it has happened since.  This was a wonderful thing they did.  It was quite an honour people thought so much of him. 
    He was a good husband, father, and grandfather. I hope he has a special place in heaven because he deserves it.  He was my definition of a Christian.
     I learned a lot from my hero and try to pass it on to my family, which seems to be working.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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