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Goetz, Emma

Name: Goetz, Emma
Maiden Name/Other Info: Wife of Simon Goetz
Date of Death: 5/2/1919
Place of Death: Sunbeam District, Morrin, AB
Issue Print Date: 5/8/1919

Gross, George W.

Name: Gross, George W.
Maiden Name/Other Info: 80y - Father of Mrs. E. Kirkby
Date of Death: 9/23/1919
Place of Death: Calgary, AB
Issue Print Date: 9/25/1919

Helm, Rosa

Name: Helm, Rosa
Maiden Name/Other Info: 53y - Wife of F. Helm
Date of Death: 10/14/1919
Place of Death: Drumheller, AB
Issue Print Date: 10/16/1919