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Armour, John

Name: Armour, John
Maiden Name/Other Info: Farm Accident - 18y - Son of W. P. Armour
Date of Death: 7/15/1919
Place of Death: Morrin, AB
Issue Print Date: 7/17/1919

Bitz, Nathaniel

Name: Bitz, Nathaniel
Maiden Name/Other Info: Farm Accident - 12y
Date of Death: 9/22/1919
Place of Death: Acme, AB
Issue Print Date: 9/25/1919

Bolster, S. F.

Name: Bolster, S. F.
Maiden Name/Other Info:
Date of Death: 11/1/1919
Place of Death: Rumsey, AB
Issue Print Date: 11/20/1919