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MacDONALD, Howard E.

Name: MacDONALD, Howard E.
Maiden Name/Other Info: 9 Years of Age
Sex: M
Date of Death: 12/22/1928
Place of Death: Drumheller, AB
Issue Print Date: 12/27/1928

MADSEN, Neils M.

Name: MADSEN, Neils M.
Maiden Name/Other Info: 32 Years of Age
Sex: M
Date of Death: 5/27/1928
Place of Death: Dalum, AB
Issue Print Date: 5/31/1928

MARTIN, Mateliene

Name: MARTIN, Mateliene
Maiden Name/Other Info: 15 Years of Age
Sex: F
Date of Death: 2/5/1928
Place of Death: Trochu, AB
Issue Print Date: 2/9/1928