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Hanna RCMP warn of credit card scam

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    Hanna RCMP are warning residents of a potential credit card scam which targets specific businesses.

    RCMP say the scammer will contact a business, usually through email, requesting services specific to the business they are targeting.  The scammer will provide stolen credit card information to pay for the services, but they will insists on giving more money than the agreed upon price.  The business, if they agree to take the extra money, is then instructed to send the extra money to a third party towing company or shipping company. But neither company actually exists and the transaction is merely to convert the stolen credit card into cash.

    While Hanna RCMP say these calls have been received in their area, no one yet has fallen for it. 

Police want to remind people to report all suspicious activity as it is happening.They say more information about scams can be found online at the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre,

Poppy drive kicked off this morning

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It’s that time of year again to pin on your poppy, as the Drumheller Legion started the local poppy drive on Friday, October 25. Deputy Mayor Krystine De Mott had the honour of being the first to receive a poppy, from drive chair Jim Stroud. The poppies are now available for purchase from many retailers in town, with the money going to support services for veterans and their families.

Communities concerned about police funding



The Alberta Government may be asking smaller communities to pay more for policing.
    Currently, communities in Alberta with populations of less than 5,000 are not responsible for paying for police. Last month a government document hinted at possible changes, and municipalities are digesting how it might affect their community. Mayor of Carbon Bryan Peever is concerned.
    “They are still trying to figure out if that is actually going to happen and what the percentage is going to be. I heard at a Mayors and Reeves meeting in Red Deer and they were talking about 2- 4 per cent surcharge on your annual budget, so that would be a bit of a hit. But they were also talking about 30 per cent or even higher. One figure I saw was a $78,000 hit to Carbon for policing.”
    He is also concerned about the level of service.
    “The bitter pill with that is all they are trying to do is cost-sharing. Any community above 5,000 pays for policing. We have never had to do that directly, although we pay for policing through our taxes obviously, but we are going to end up paying with absolutely no increase in service.”
    “We may be paying for something other people have paid for, for us, for years, and now we are going to have to start paying for it and we aren’t going to see anything more from it.”
    Justice Minister and Solicitor General Doug Schweitzer responded in an opinion piece in September saying the government is committed to safe communities.
    “To be clear: our goal is more police services. If any new funding model that would collect funds from more municipalities is chosen, any funds collected would be reinvested in frontline policing and would lead to an overall increase in funding for police services in Alberta. It would lead to more police funding, not less,” stated Schweitzer.
 Starland Reeve Steve Wannstrom says they have looked at some initial numbers and it could be in the range of $100,000 for the County.
    He adds this comes without any guarantees of the amount of time spent by police in the community or resources.
    The Drumheller RCMP has an urban detachment and municipal detachment. Drumheller CAO Darryl Drohomerski is not sure how changes to funding will affect the local service.
    “The RCMP has offered to do funding model scenarios. They will give us three options on what it may cost. We have asked them for that and we should get this back this month, so we will have a better idea of what it is going to cost,” he said.
    He said currently Drumheller is responsible for about 70 per cent of the cost of the Drumheller detachment, with the remaining coming from funding for the rural communities. The Town of Drumheller also provides two staff members, and their work supports both detachments, rural and municipal. He says, for example, Drumheller staff will provide services such as background checks for residents of other communities.

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