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MS Walk attracts 135 walkers


    “These are promising times,” for those with MS, president of the Alberta / NWT Region of the MS Society of Canada, Neil Pierce told a motivated crowd ready to take the route at the Enerflex MS Walk on Sunday afternoon, May 2.
     About 135 walkers took part in the annual event to raise awareness and funds for the MS Society of Canada. Pierce told The Mail, half of the funds raised at the walk stays in the community to support those with MS, while the rest goes toward research.
    Alberta has become a research centre with great work being done at the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta.
    There are 12 walks and four bike ride events in Alberta that account for 92 per cent of the MS Society’s funding.
    Pierce said there is some positive news coming from the research front. There has been much recent media about Dr. Zamboni’s liberation procedure, where an angioplasty is performed to clear blockages of veins draining blood from the brain. The theory is a build up of iron caused by these blockages causes the neurological symptoms of MS. Pierce said there will be a funding announcement in June regarding researching Dr. Zamboni’s procedure.
     On this day, local walk coordinator Dave Watson said about $27,000 came in. Despite being down by about 22 walkers over last year’s event, Watson indicates the walk is on track to meet last year’s total of $47,000.
     A representative of Enerflex, the naming sponsor of the event, was on hand to present Enerflex’s commitment of $137,000 to the Alberta walks.
    Enerflex has been involved with the walk since 1997 when a team was formed in support of a co-worker. Since then, they have had a team every year, and starting last season, every walk in Alberta has an Enerflex team walking. The company has made a five-year commitment to the walk as naming sponsor.
    "We’re very proud to be here,” Curtis Philippon of Enerflex told those gathered for the walk.
    Of the donation from Enerflex, about $2,800 will stay in Drumheller. This is the largest percentage allocation, based on community size.
    Those still collecting pledges, or those who want to make a donation can come by O’Shea’s, on May 12, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for drop off night.

Wind turbine project delayed

    Performance testing on the new wind turbine installed at the Drumheller Institution has resulted in a delay in operating it.
    The turbine was installed in December to help offset some of the institution power costs, as well as improve its footprint.     
    However, performance tests were done earlier this year and their results pointed to a possible problem with some of the equipment.
    Dawn Bancroft, Chief of administrative services at the institution, told inSide Drumheller that the brake lining was part of the equipment which didn’t meet the expected performance specifications.
    “In order to prevent any unnecessary risk of breakage to other components of the generator, we decided to shut it down until we can get replacement parts and that’s under the manufacturer’s warranty,” said Bancroft, adding that the manufacturers were located in Germany and it was a specialized part so it had taken some time to get the replacement.     
    However, she estimated the part should be delivered late April, beginning of May and they are hoping to have the turbine up and running soon after. 

Chinookers hang their support at Davidson's door



Most neighbours figured Newcastle’s Bob Davidson had simply hung his laundry out to dry, when in fact he was the first victim, er… supporter to be struck by a group of merry pranksters, known as the Chinookers Relay For Life Team. He came home on Tuesday afternoon to find his home decorated with supportive undergarments. He immediately hit the street going door-to-door trying to match up the bras with neighbours hoping to find the culprit(s). Coming home, he found a letter explaining the phenomena (and saving him from explaining to wife Vicky why women’s underwear was all over the house). The Chinookers told him they would ‘graciously’ remove the decorations for a donation of $20, and send them to another deserving victim for a small fee of $10. For the price of $50, he learned he could send the decorations to the person of his choice, and have an insurance policy to see them never return to his doorstep. The display of support made its way to Joyce and Rick Bell’s home in Greentree, and then returned to Newcastle to adorn Irv and Corrine Gerling’s home.


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