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Council Notes from the Regular Council meeting of Monday, April 16, 2018




Council Notes
Drumheller Town Council
Regular Council Meeting
Monday, April 16, 2018

On Monday, April 16, the Regular Counsil Meeting commenced at Town Hall.
Mayor Heather Colberg proclaimed April 15 to 21, 2018 as Volunteer Week in the Town of Drumheller.
Acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Director of Protective Services, Greg Peters made a Request for Direction (RFD) regarding the direction of Fenced Dog Park planning, design and possible locations for consideration.
Mr. Peters explained that an estimate of fencing one square acre with a height of at least 5 feet would be $16,000.
He found that basic features of the park may include things like separate water stations for both pets and humans, benches, adequate shade, convenient parking, signage, etc. Mr. Peters wanted to focus his attention and preference on access to water sources for cost efficiency.
Locations up for debate include 1100 Riverside Drive East near Participark, the area behind Extra Foods, in Bankview behind the industrial area, Newcastle Beach behind the field station in the flood zone, 19th St. East at Riverside Drive East, and Midland North of 1st Ave NW near the intersection of 20th St.
Council decided to put further research into the project before deciding on any location or design.
Mr. Peters made another RFD regarding Brownfield Redevelopments within Drumheller. He recently researched the City of Hamilton, Ontario where the city encouraged builders and developers to redevelop brownfield sites.
Brownfield sites are identified as underdeveloped or previously developed properties that may be contaminated and are usually former industrial or commercial properties that may be underutilized or vacant.
The ERASE (Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement) program is solely administered by the city. It is an incentive based program with the advantage of a tax relaxation over a period of years until the ERASE program is completed.
Mr. Peters asked council for direction as to what to do with this information.
Councillor Jay Garbutt mentioned that a dedicated capital reserve may be the best way to potentially start this process with funding beginning in 2019.
Councillor Tom Zariski suggested that they should identify specific properties that would have the best value before using this style of program’s guidelines.
Council agreed to speak further with the Economic Task Force to get more insight before making any further decisions.
Council tabled the motion to consider the appointment of Linda Gerlinger to the Assessment Review Board (ARB) until more information can be brought forward. Newly appointed ARB members and clerks are required to complete a training program provided by the Municipal Government Board.
Council agreed that the course may be an unwise way to spend money at this time as ARB hearings are uncommon in Drumheller and there are potential ways to outsource members if needed.
Council adopted Bylaw 5.18 to authorize the rates of taxation to be levied against assessable properties within the town of Drumheller for the 2018 taxation year.
The 2018 municipal requisition of $8,718,766 set by council earlier this year through the Operating Budget reflected a 3 per cent increase over the 2017 requisition.
This year’s education property tax requisition is $2,738,682 which equates to an increase of 1.44 per cent over the 2017 requisition. The 2018 Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation (DDSF) requisition of $540,272.50 represents an increase of 3.8 per cent over 2017.
An analysis of the assessment year over year indicated that on average, residential assessment values decreased by 0.87 per cent and commercial assessment values decreased by 1.5 per cent.
Please see story on front page of the Drumheller Mail to get the full story on how these numbers affect taxes.
Mayor Heather Colberg brought forth the idea of having youth representatives interact with council in order to give them a voice.
She thought that having senior high students from each school in Drumheller come together to discuss and collaborate ideas that matter to them while exposing them to what council does and hearing what the students wish to see for the town.

Council Notes from the Committee of the Whole Council meeting of Monday, April 9, 2018




Council Notes
Drumheller Town Council
Commitee of the whole Meeting
Monday, April 9, 2018

Mayor Heather Colberg called the meeting to order at 4:31 p.m.
Drumheller Royal Canadian Legion Branch 22 past president and current chair of the upcoming Northwest Territories Convention, Bob Hannah made a presentation to Council on behalf of the group for the upcoming Legion Convention.
This convention will be taking place in Drumheller in 2019. He explained that from May 10 – 12, 2019, 500 delegates will be welcomed to the Valley. Volunteers are set in place but Mr. Hannah asked the town to consider waiving all costs of the BCF for this event.
The cost of the event would be approximately $5,000 for a non-profit rate and the branch has already paid the $1,000 down payment. Funds from the event will go directly to the Drumheller branch.
The request will be put under review.
Director of Protective Services Greg Peters brought the Community Standards Bylaw to the table for new discussion.
This bylaw is put in place to prohibit certain activities in order to prevent noise, nuisance, unsightly premises and to control weeds and public disturbances.
Councillor Tom Zariski offered to sit on a potential review committee that would see what can be potentially changed. Councillor Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk suggested that administration who are on the front lines should give their input first before being reviewed by council’s review committee.
Mr. Peters brought forth the proposed Tourism Corridor/Scenic Roads Bylaw. The purpose of this bylaw is to help the town maintain, enhance, and preserve its character, scenery, history and aesthetics.
He would like to establish uniformity within the town so a busy highway or street frequented by tourists is maintained and doesn’t take away from old or significant geography that the Valley holds. The bylaw is intended to either enhance existing features or improve quality and character of the town.
Executive Assistant Linda Handy announced the first, second, and third place winners for a recent photo contest to visualize Council’s new vision statement, mandate, and values. Over 100 photos were submitted.
The first place winning photo will be used to communicate and represent the mission statement of the Town of Drumheller. Mrs. Hansen-Zacharuk proposed the contest be an annual event.

Council Notes from the Regular Council meeting of Tuesday, April 3, 2018




Council Notes
Drumheller Town Council Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The meeting was called to at 4:33 p.m. by Mayor Heather Colberg
Drumheller Town Council has passed a bylaw pursuant to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to authorize financing, undertaking and completion of flood mitigation construction in Midland.
Plans and specifications have been prepared and the total cost of the project is estimated to be $3.7 million and the Municipality estimates the following grants and contributions will be applied to the project. Provincial grants will cover $3,211,000 and debentures in the amount of $516,000 to cover the total project for $3,727,000.
The bylaw passed second and third reading to authorize Council to incur indebtedness in the amount of $516,000 to complete the flood mitigation construction project.
Council has decided to issue a bylaw to authorize the financing, undertaking and completion of a second flood mitigation project for Central Drumheller.
This bylaw authorizes that council will incur $497,400 in debt for the purpose of flood mitigation in Central Drumheller through berm enhancement and construction.
The total cost of the project is estimated to cost $3.7 million. Provincial grants will cover $3,202,600 while the town will provide $497,400 from debentures.
The bylaw passed first reading. They will come back to this bylaw in the next couple weeks for second and third reading.
In 1992, the former M.D. of Badlands put aside $20,000 for scholarship funds from the interest earned from the investment. At the time it was intended that the Selection Committee be comprised of public at large members, however, in the past several years administration has taken on the role of selection committee. The vacancies to this committee have been advertised with three applications received from Cindy Geordo, Jan Quinney and Tom Dooley.
Council approved the appointments of Cindy Gerodo, Jan Quinney and Tom Dooley for a three year term expiring on the date of Council’s 2020 Annual Organizational Meeting.
The Drumheller Policing Committee has three public at large vacancies for Drumheller, one vacancy for Starland, one vacancy for Delia, and one vacancy from rural for a total of six vacancies.
Jo Jensen, Don Loro, Kalon Sykes, and Keith Hodgson; and three current members applied to fill these positions.
At their meeting held on November 27, 2017, Council appointed Jim Decore for a further one year term because he is appointed as a Public Complaint Director (PCD) under the Police Act and assists the Officer in Charge in resolving public complaints.
Council approved the appointments of past members Larry Keddie of Drumheller, Karen Neil of Starland, and Robert Sargent of Delia who resubmitted their applications for a public at large member position from their designated areas.
The Habitat for Humanity organization is building a duplex property within Drumheller. They have requested that the town consider waiving the development and permit fees for this project, as an in-kind contribution for this project.
Council waived the building and development permit fees for the 2018 Habitat for Humanity project as a one-time only request.
The town will incur the loss of $320.00 in development fees as well as $2,400 in building permit fees, with $1,250 payable to Superior Safety Codes for the mandatory safety inspections.
Director of Protective Services Greg Peters addressed council on behalf of the Drumheller Humane Society.
Mr. Peters explained the society is ready to conduct a presentation on their organization but would like clear direction as to what should be discussed.
Councillor Tom Zariski wishes to have them review the Town of Drumheller’s Community Assistance policy to see if additional funding is possible to utilize through that policy. He also wishes to hear more about the background of the society, how many volunteer hours it takes to run, as well as an update on current management. Mr. Peters agreed to relay the information back to the Humane Society.
Council approved the appointment of Councillor Jay Garbutt to the Drumheller Community Learning Society for a term to expire on the date of council’s 2019 Annual Organizational Meeting. At council’s Monday, March 26 meeting, Council heard a presentation from Bonnie Ireland, Executive Director for Campus Alberta Central. The society oversees programming for adult further education based on accessibility, affordability and high quality programs within Drumheller and other central populations. Councillor Garbutt agreed to let his name stand as Council’s representative to this committee.
After Council reviewed an in-camera labour matter, they returned to approve the offer to purchase the Trican Building located at 702 Premier Way in the industrial area of Drumheller for the purpose of a new Public Works facility. The possession date will take effect on Friday, July 6, 2018, provided that all conditions are met.
Council approved $2,000,000 in the 2018 Capital Budget for the purchase of a new Public Works facility.

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