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Council Notes from Committee of the Whole Meeting Monday, January 16, 2023



Council Overview
Information from Drumheller Town Council Committee of the Whole Meeting
Monday, January 16, 2023

Drumheller Mayor Heather Colberg opened the meeting.
Councillor Tom Zariski wished listeners a happy Chinese New Year.
Representatives from the Town’s auditors, BDO Canada, Mitchell Kennedy and Alan Litster presented the committee with an audit planning report. BDO will conduct an audit on the Town’s financial statements ending December 31, 2022. Planning and interim audit work began in November 2022 and it is estimated final audit reports will be presented to council in March, with final presentation of the audited financial statements to be brought to council in April.
Auditors will work with management and provide timely and constructive management letters, including deficiencies in internal controls identified during the audit.
Economic Development manager Reg Johnston and ISL Engineering community planner Courtney Lawrence presented council with an update on the Drumheller Housing Strategy.
ISL has been working with administration over the past few months on the Housing Strategy to help identify key needs within the community. This has been done through different community engagements, including online community surveys, community drop-in sessions and two community open houses in November.
It is anticipated the population of Drumheller will continue to grow to somewhere between 8,846 and 9,032 residents by 2031 and there will be a need for some 367 to 426 additional homes by this time. The greatest need will be for three, four, and more bedroom units, with the greatest population growth expected in the 65 and older demographic.
A majority of home sales within the community since 2013 have been for single detached homes, and this stock type accounts for over 90 per cent of sales per year.
Ms. Lawrence acknowledged there is close to a zero per cent average vacancy rate based on online posts and stakeholder feedback.
Along with looking at housing data, the strategy also looked at the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB). Ms. Lawrence noted there are specific policies in the MDP which are supportive of housing diversity through secondary residences and flex units. She added the LUB also offers flexible opportunities for development and supports diversity and affordability; it is estimated there is a current need for 525 affordable homes, with an additional need for 184 to 214 homes by 2031.
One challenge is short term vacation rentals; as of October 2022, there were some 98 short term rentals in the community. A priority is to regulate these rentals, which are potentially taking away options for long term rentals and decreasing affordability of the rental market. Mr. Johnston noted administration is already in discussions with some of these owners and is in the process of developing some regulations surrounding these rental types.
Low rental vacancy rate has also impacted employee housing, especially for seasonal employees.
Four goals and actions were developed based on this information-encouraging a diverse mix of housing types; increasing supply and maintaining existing rental housing; facilitating housing with support services; and strengthening partnerships and community capacity.

Complete minutes from council meetings can be found on www.drumheller.ca once they have been adopted.

Council Notes from the Regular Council Meeting Monday, January 9, 2023


Council Overview
Information from Drumheller Town Council Regular Council Meeting
Monday, January 9, 2023

Drumheller Mayor Heather Colberg opened the first regular council meeting of 2023.
She thanked those residents who attended Coffee with Council earlier in the day and reminded listeners these events are held every second Monday of the month and give residents the opportunity to speak with members of council.
Councillor Patrick Kolafa was sworn in as Deputy Mayor for the months of January and February.
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Darryl Drohomerski presented council with a request to appoint community member Jason Jede to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for a three-year term expiring January 31, 2026.
Council unanimously passed the motion.
Director of Protective Services Greg Peters presented council with a request for council to give second reading to the new Traffic Bylaw. The existing Traffic Bylaw is outdated and is in need of revision as the current version came into effect some 20 years ago.
There have been two separate public consultations held regarding the proposed new bylaw.
Council moved second reading and held discussions and offered suggestions regarding some of the proposed changes. Administration was directed to bring back the proposed Traffic Bylaw to a future council meeting for third reading consideration.
Director of Corporate and Financial Services Mauricio Reyes presented council with a request to consider proposed changes to the Line of Credit Borrowing Bylaw.
The Town currently has a short-term borrowing bylaw which authorizes administration to borrow up to $4 million for short-term financing; currently, the Town has a $2 million line of credit. It is recommended to increase the short-term borrowing limit from $4 million to $10 due to a significant increase in capital expenditures in the previous calendar year.
Council gave unanimous consent and passed all three readings of the Line of Credit Borrowing Bylaw.
Recreation, Arts and Culture manager Darren Goldthorpe presented council with a request to support the Badlands Amphitheatre with its annual operations fundraising campaign through its Community Assistance Grant Program. The total grant funding available is $15,000 in cash, and $20,000 for in-kind work.
Representatives of the Badlands Amphitheatre gave a presentation to council at the December 12 council meeting. The requested amount from Badlands Amphitheatre totals $25,000, above the available grant funding currently available in the 2023 budget year.
It was recommended to have representatives return to give an additional presentation to council at the January 16 Committee of the Whole meeting.
Council made a motion to deny the request and further direct the applicant to reapply to the program for specific items not exceeding $5,000.
Council adjourned to a closed session.

Complete minutes from council meetings can be found on www.drumheller.ca once they have been adopted.

Council Notes from the Regular Council Meeting Monday, December 19, 2022


Council Overview
Information from Drumheller Town Council Regular Council Meeting
Monday, December 19, 2022

Drumheller Mayor Heather Colberg opened the meeting and made some announcements.
Deputy Mayor Stephanie Price thanked Public Works staff on behalf of Mayor and Council for their work, especially during the ongoing cold snap, to ensure the Town’s facilities and infrastructure continue to operate.
Keith Hodgson, with the Drumheller Standing Committee on Health, presented council with a letter of support which is being sent to Alberta Minister of Health Jason Copping and Alberta Health Services (AHS) official administrator Dr. John Cowell to advocate for better utilization of the Drumheller Health Centre, and for the facility to be recognized as a rural healthcare hub.
A review has been completed on the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) job performance; Mayor Colberg thanked CAO Darryl Drohomerski for the work he has done over the previous year.
Council unanimously approved increasing CAO Drohomerski’s salary based on his 2022 performance review.
Director of Corporate and Community Services Mauricio Reyes presented council with the 2023 utility rate bylaw.
Council previously adopted the new utility rate model for 2023 to 2027, which recommends an annual increase of three per cent for water, and six per cent for wastewater, along with moving solid waste and recycling services to utility operations beginning in 2023. The increases to water and wastewater fees will come into effect as of January 1, 2023 while the changes to solid waste will come into effect as of March 1, 2023.
Council passed the 2023 Utility Rate Bylaw unanimously.
Mr. Reyes presented council with the 2023 Operating Budget and four-year financial plan. The budget was previously brought forward at the December 5 regular council meeting, and the December 12 Committee of the Whole meeting for further discussion and consideration.
It is recommended there will be an estimated 4.8 per cent increase in tax revenues to meet municipal requirements in 2023.
Council adopted the 2023 Operating Budget (see story on Front, Page 2).
Council was also presented with the Fees, Rates, and Charges Bylaw by Mr. Reyes. It was recommended, as per the 2023 Operating Budget, to increase some fees by an approximate 2.5 per cent. It was also suggested some fees be added to Schedule A of the bylaw; these include fees recommended by the Drumheller Municipal Airport Commission in November, which will help the facility become self-sustaining.
Council gave unanimous consent to hold all three readings and passed the 2023 Fees, Rates, and Charges Bylaw.
Public hearings for proposed road closure bylaws for 9 Street NW (Hospital), East Coulee River Drive West, and East Coulee East were opened; there were a total of three in-person presentations-one presenter, for the East Coulee River Drive West closure, wanted some clarification on whether the proposed bylaw would impact the existing roadway, and two for East Coulee East closure who were opposed to the closure-and no written submissions.

Complete minutes from council meetings can be found on
www.drumheller.ca once they have been adopted.

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