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Schools team up to field soccer team


    DVSS and St. Anthony’s have teamed up to put a team on the soccer pitch.
    Last week tryouts were held for a senior boys soccer team at DVSS. The team is being coached by St. Anthony’s teacher Davis Easter and DVSS teacher Michael Lee.
    “There was pretty solid interest, especially given that there hasn’t been a team like this in the past,” said coach Easter.” There’s definitely some strong talent, and the key is going to be figuring out how to get the team to play together as a team since most of them have never played with one another before.”
    He said they came up with enough players to form a squad, although there are still spaces if others wish to join to add depth and strength.
    The team has a diverse group of players with a combination of international students as well as local players.
    While there is no local high school league to play in, the team will be playing in the Adult Coed Recreational soccer league as well as organizing some friendlies with U18 teams from the area.
    “The pinnacle event for the season will be Zones, which are on May 24-25 in Cochrane,” said Easter.

Nothing but Net(ball)

netball 3
    Netball is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada, and last week, students from Delia and Youngstown schools participated in a special, three-hour clinic run by Netball Alberta.
    Over 50 students were introduced to some of the sport’s key skills, as well as familiarizing themselves with the major rules and regulations (such as the lack of dribbling with the ball; three seconds to pass the ball; and, specific positional restrictions).  Through skill-building games and on-court instruction, the students developed their abilities in passing, shooting, defending, court balance and team play.
    According to Shaun Fielding, a teacher at Delia School, “This was a fantastic opportunity for schools across the Prairie Land School Division, to learn a new sport, refine their existing skills base and compete with other students.”
    Rachel Pasek, from Netball Alberta, was equally pleased with the outcomes.
    “I saw in that class of 50 plus students, what I admire about the sport of netball: its ability to draw on the strengths of each individual player and engage everyone in a true team sport.”
    Netball is proving to be a popular co-ed recreational sport because of its emphasis on speed of thought and action, the importance of peripheral vision and spatial awareness and the non-contact nature of the game.
    Pasek is keen to expand the sport across the province “Netball is fun, exciting, and well suited to players of varying skill levels. It encourages players to play together and ensures that all participants on court are involved in the game.  We currently have well-developed senior and junior leagues in Calgary, with budding clubs in Edmonton and Drumheller.”
    Anybody interested in playing co-ed, recreational netball Thursdays at 7.30pm at the BCF on should contact April Harrison at the Town of Drumheller ( For further information about netball please see

Dragons host successful camp

20170331 Portrait Project WEEK 6 TJH 0173

    The Dragons are already building for the future, hosting their first spring camp over the
    About 110 skaters were invited out for the camp. Head scout for the Dragons Scott Martin, says these are typical numbers for the team.
    “It went really well,” said Martin.
    He explains this is just the beginning of the process for the team.  From this camp, they have identified the players of interest. In a couple of  weeks, they will be hosting a second camp in Fort Saskatchewan of about the same size. After that they will invite 20 kids to the combine camp in Cochrane from June 2-4.  They will also have the veterans from last season there.
    He says they are looking at everything from skill set, skating and competing. On top of that, they are looking for strong character.
    “That is number one,” he said, “kids that are just doing things the right way. If you want to be a hockey player you have goals in life to achieve, such as a NCAA Div 1 scholarship.”
    He said with a new coach coming on board in a couple months, the roster is wide open.
    “Our coach has watched our team a couple times, but when all is said and done, there are 23 spots to be filled come August, and nobody is guaranteed a spot coming back.”