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Message interpreted incorrectly, no significant increase in water levels for Red Deer River or Rosebud Creek

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An earlier report from Provincial Forecasting regarding rising water levels in the Red Deer River and the Rosebud Creek was somehow interpreted by some incorrectly.

According to Drumheller Fire Chief Bruce Wade, there is no prediction of any significant increase in levels in either the Red Deer River or the Rosebud Creek. Continued monitoring in both bodies of water is ongoing at this time.

This message came in at 8:00 pm, Sunday, April 22. If anything changes, The Drumheller Mail will post information relayed to us by authorities.

Walk-a-thon raises double initial goal

20180411 Broncos support book Storefront TJH 0043

    The Drumheller Heart-to-Heart Support Group raised almost double their original goal of $3,000 for a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on Wednesday, April 11 at the Badlands Community Facility (BCF).
    The group will most likely buy two monitors as last minute donations pour in within the next couple of weeks.
    “If you are having trouble they need to see when you are having trouble,” said director and past treasurer of     Heart-to-Heart Drumheller Tom Diprose regarding the blood pressure monitor.*
    Heart-to-Heart helps and supports anyone with heart related problems. These volunteers are typically people who have gone through or continue to combat heart disease. The group educates and raises money for cardiac rehab equipment.
    The group has raised $337,054 since it began in 1999 with all their money going towards upgraded equipment in the hospital. 28 members make up the group and are always in need of more volunteers.
    “I’ve had a triple bypass so I’m giving back,” explained Diprose. “It’s good to support people that do have problems with equipment and what’s needed. Sometimes we even get visitations if somebody is going into surgery or does have problems.”

Town continues monitoring Red Deer River water levels

The Red Deer River that runs through Drumheller has been closely monitored within the last few months as water levels continue to rise during the spring melt. Mailphoto by Terri Huxley

The Town of Drumheller has been hard at work checking in on the current height and flow of the Red Deer River that runs through Drumheller this weekend.
“The river level has dropped overnight, and is flowing largely free of the ice observed yesterday,” outlined Barb Miller, Acting Chief Administrative Officer. “Levels continue to be monitored at a heightened rate by numerous people including the fire chief and Protective Services team for as long as it is deemed necessary.”
Town staff monitored the situation throughout the night and crews are now out assessing any damage that may have been a result of yesterday’s river flow.
The Rosebud River is running high and the level has increased since yesterday. It is flowing freely into the Red Deer River at this time but will continue to be monitored.
“Please remember to stay away from low lying areas and to call the Town Emergency line at 403-820-2156 to report any concerns,” added Greg Peters, Director of Protective Services.

20180422 River Water Levels TJH 0133

Access to the Starmine Suspension Bridge in Rosedale has been blocked as the water levels continue to fluctuate. mailphotos by Terri Huxley

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