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Council Notes From the Organizational Meeting of Town Council Monday, October 31, 2016

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Council Notes

From the Organizational Meeting of Town Council Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, October 31 Council held an organizational meeting before the Council Meeting.

After the Organizational meeting was held each of these members were assigned these appointments for 2016/2017:
• Mayor Terry Yemen is appointed to the Chamber of Commerce; Disaster Service Committee; Aqua 7 Steering Committee; Revitalization Corporation; Canadian Badlands Ltd, as the executive; Economic Development Task Force; and Red Deer River Municipal Users Group.
• Sharel Shoff is appointed to Revitalization Corporation, Municipal Planning Commision, Palliser Regional Municipal Services, Community Futures, Assessment Review Board, and the Economic Development Task Force.
• Patrick Kolafa is appointed to Airport Commission; Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association; Public Library Board, Disaster Services Committee; Canadian Badlands Ltd, as a shareholder; and the Taxi Commission.
• CAORay Romanetz is appointed to Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association and Aqua 7 Steering Committee.
• Tara McMillian is appointed to Valley Bus Society.
• Darryl Drohomerski is appointed to Valley Bus Society.
• Tom Zariski is appointed to Crime Stoppers, Citizens on Patrol, Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation, Municipal Planning Commission, and Heritage Steering Committee.
• Jay Garbutt is appointed to Drumheller Housing Administration; Subdivision and Development Appeal Board; Disaster Service Committee; Canadian Badlands Ltd, as a shareholder; and Taxi Commission.
• Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk is appointed to Drumheller Agriculture and Stampede Board, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and Assessment Review Board.
• Rod Viske is appointed as an Assessor.
• Economic Development Officer Julia Fielding is appointed to Travel Drumheller which is a new appointment this year.
• Council appointed Ryan Semchuk by secret ballot to Economic Development Task Force.
• Allen Hendricks was appointed to Municipal Planning Commission.
• Lizbeth Dube was appointed to Public Library Board. The remaining two vacancies on the Public Library Board will be advertised until they are appointed.
• Karen Ann Bertamini, Don Guidolin, and Keith Hodgson are appointed to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.
• Gerald Martinez and Kandace Wylie-Toews are appointed to Drumheller Housing Administration.
After the Organizational Meeting was complete and the Town of Drumheller Council Meeting was called to order Councillor Jay Garbutt was sworn in as Deputy Mayor for the months of November and December, 2016.
Director of Infrastructure Services, Darryl Drohomerski proposed and council passed a motion to reject all bids for the installation of the pool liner in order to incorporate the liner installation with the rest of the Aquaplex project with hopes of retendering the package together to find a lower bid.
All three readings were done for the amendment to Bylaw 07.14 to establish fees for the issuance of permits of overweight and over-dimensional commercial vehicles on highways under the direction, control, and management of the Town of Drumheller.

Council Notes From the regular meeting of Monday, October 17, 2016

Town of Drumheller Crest

Council Notes

From the regular meeting of Town Council

Monday, October 17, 2016

At the start of the October 17 Council Meeting, the town held a public hearing in regards to the amendment for the land use bylaw. Bob and Nora Hamilton proposed to have land they own in Rosedale rezoned to better incorporate plans of developing 87 campsites, a convenience store, administration facilities, mini golf, water park, and two large commercial tents for activities. Over 50 residents of Rosedale were present to oppose the proposal. Town council later made a motion to dismiss the proposal after reviewing both resident’s concerns and recommendations made by Palliser Municipal Services.
A request for decision was proposed by Director of Infrastructure Services Darryl Drohomerski on the Aquaplex Modernization. Due to the delay for renovations to Spring 2017, costs have jumped by $85,530. Additional costs were explained by Shunda Construction Management to be a result of additional accommodation fees due to time of year workers would need accommodation as well as some overlooked upgrades that would be needed to properly be able to use the Mertha Pool Liner system already purchased and in route to Drumheller.
Councillor Jay Garbutt said, “This is the most grossly over budget project in my two years in council. I will not be providing my approval on this project.”
Councillor Zariski also weighed in, “I am very disappointed in being over budget. However, most construction projects come in over budget. This was a high priority to get this project done. It’s very disappointing.”
Mayor Yemen explained that approval of this contract would require a total of $599,815 be transferred from reserves or from the 2017 budget. This would greatly affect any future projects planned for 2017.
After reviewing the changes in proposed costs four council members opposed the motion and it was defeated.
There are plans to retender the project in the future in hopes of realizing savings.
Director of Infrastructure Services Darryl Drohomerski updated council on the Aquaplex modernization project. Drohomerski said that he would have a report of costs and a timeline to present at the next Town Council meeting.
Council moved over to in-camera matters.

Council Notes From the regular meeting of Monday, Sept. 19, 2016

Town of Drumheller Crest

Council Notes From the regular meeting of  Monday, Sept. 19, 2016

Infrastructure director Daryl Drohomerski updated Council on the Aquaplex modernization. He proposed that since the change to the timeline of the pool modernization has now affected the cost, administration proposes to revisit the bid with the contractor to understand why it is substantially higher than initially projected. Another alternative council agreed upon was to reject all proposals and to retender the project in hopes of getting a more competing bidding process.
The Council passed a motion to keep Superior Safety Codes Inc. as the Town of Drumheller and Palliser Municipal Services Safety Code Services Provider. Ray Romanetz explained that Superior Safety has provided this service for the last 8 years. Superior Safety Codes Inc. will continue to provide safety codes services such as building, gas, electrical, plumbing, fire and private sewer system inspections and permit reviews.
Council received an update from the Director of Community Services Paul Salvatore regarding the Wayfinding Signage. The Wayfinding Signage Committee came up with a concept for a sign that better matched the budget. The hopes for this signage is to get people moving around Drumheller and bring them to key points in the community. One main point being the different dinosaurs around town. The Committee has approached and was well received by the Chamber of Commerce's Dino Arts committee to potentially include their "Dino Walk of Fame" on each of the signs. Part of discussion with the designer was to include possible scientific representation of good examples of dinosaurs that are significant to Drumheller's palaeontological past. The Royal Tyrrell Museum has offered to consult on the descriptions of these dinosaurs.
Councillor Jay Garbutt said that this is very different than the original plan for the "Dino Walk of Fame" which originally was to draw more people to the downtown core. The Wayfinding Committee has moved away from the purpose of providing safety with these signs towards more for entertainment.
Salvatore provided the Council with an example of the proposed sign. He said that the committee and the designer took into consideration the possibility of the signs getting damaged and the cost of replacement. They have also taken into consideration the cosmetic aspect of the signs and hope to find a design that is attractive and unique to match our desert like climate.
Romanetz assured Salvatore that the Council has worked on projects with the Dino Arts committee before and looks forward to doing so again.
Salvatore said that pending any weather or other unforeseen circumstances the project is expected to commence in the next 4-6 weeks.
A request for decision on a Regional Emergency Services consultant being made by Greg Peters, Director of Protective Services. Peters states that Starland, Kneehill and Wheatland counties and Special Areas #2 have been approved for funding to complete a regional emergency services master plan. After reviewing 11 firms and their quotes the committee, which consists of Greg Peters, the Fire Chief and Wheatland County's Disaster Services Coordinator, recommended awarding the contract to Behr Energy Services Ltd. Council agreed to award the development of a regional emergency services master plan to Behr Energy Services.
Councillor Sharel Shoff provided an update on Community Futures. According to Shoff the Young Entrepreneurs camp was a success and they are looking to do this again next year. The group running this program is hoping to expand and be able to use the area around the suspension bridge for the young entrepreneur camps. She also did a brief report on Palliser Municipal Services.
Council went in-camera to discuss land matters and a personnel matter. When they returned to the meeting, council approved an Employment Agreement Fixed Term between the Town of Drumheller and CAO Ray Romanetz. Council unanimously thanked him for his years of service.


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