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Tri Line Carriers Truck Fire

Fire stops long haul garbage run

On the evening of Wednesday March 22, 2017 at approximately 6:40 pm, a Tri-Line Carriers GP Inc. truck was hauling garbage on Highway 9 East towards Drumheller when the driver noticed smoke billowing out of the Trailer. A dozen Rockyford & District… Read More
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Town supports residents affected by flood

The Town of Drumheller is working with the province to extend support to affected residents of the Rosebud River and Hwy 10X area. Director of Protective Services Greg Peters highlighted that the residents in need were in good hands and extended his support.… Read More
RCMP new cruiser Sept 2014

Police investigate vehicle theft near Carbon

The Drumheller RCMP are warning residents not to put themselves in harm’s way when crime strikes. This comes after an investigation into the theft of a motor vehicle last night near Carbon. On March 21 at 10 p.m., the Drumheller RCMP received a call of a… Read More

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Fire destroys home on Wayne Road

A home that was damaged in the recent floods along Highway 10X was destroyed by fire overnight. Firefighters from the…

New Chopped Leaf Restaurant opening in Drumheller this summer

The Chopped Leaf Opening Soon In Drumheller
The Bosch family has announced their newest venture. Braden Bosch confirmed Sunday that they will be opening a Chopped Leaf…

River ice jam releases

IMG 0122
The ice jam has released and river levels are subsiding.The Town and Utility Companies continue to provide assistance to…

Town monitors local flooding issues

IMG 4609 edit
Levels in the Red Deer River and Rosebud River rose over the weekend due to an ice jam. Crews were called out at 8.30 PM on…

Ice jams cause localized flooding

IMG 8968
Waters are subsiding this morning along the Rosebud River and the Red Deer River Sunday morning, but that was not before…

Carbon School Jumps Rope for Heart

Jump Rope rewards 023
On February 17, 2017, all Carbon School students participated in Jump Rope for Heart as a part of their Team Challenge Day.…

More Local Sports

Dragons hoping for healthy post season

The Dragons are hoping to heal up this week to be a force to be reckoned come the playoffs. The Dragons have been limping…

Junior A Girls Dynos advance to league final

he DVSS Junior A Girls Basketball team is on their way to the league finals. The Grade 8-9 Dynos have had a strong finish to…

Dragons form management committee

Dragons management
The Drumheller Dragons are proud to announce that team ownership has formed a Management Committee to formally govern the…

Morrin curlers looking for provincial three-peat

IMG 2653
Morrin School continues to dominate the curling world and is heading back to the provincials. The girl’s high school team…

Canalta Novice Raptors end regular season with victory

IMG 8564
The Canalta Novice Raptors ended the regular season Saturday morning on a high note, topping Brooks. The Raptors have been…

Dynos boys junior B compete at DVSS tournament

IMG 1015
The boys Junior B Dynos Basketball team played during the tournament held at DVSS over the weekend of February 10 and 11.…


Condolences to the family of Ted Kohut

KOHUT, Ted 1943 ~ 2017 Ted Kenneth Kohut, beloved husband of Susan Kohut of Medicine Hat, Alberta passed away on Thursday,…

Condolences to the family of Reginald (Reg) Hunter

HUNTERReginald Watson January 14, 1938- March 17, 2017 It is with the utmost sadness that we announce the passing of Reg…

Condolences to the family of Anthony ((Tony) Metz

Metz, Anthony (Tony) June 8, 1937 – March 14, 2017 Anthony (Tony) Metz passed away peacefully with his daughter Nicole Metz…

Condolences to the family of Arlene Hamilton

HAMILTONArlene March 16, 2017 Arlene Hamilton passed away peacefully at Drumheller Health Centre on March 16th, 2017. She…

The original Dr. Phil


    While television’s Dr. Phil has made a career of finding unity and balance in people’s lives, Drumheller’s Dr. Phil considers his greatest political achievement was unifying the valley.

    Now 80, you’ll find Dr. Phil Bryant at the Pioneer Trail Centre in downtown Drumheller. Usually the morning sees about a dozen men playing snooker or cards, enjoying coffee, often discussing the municipal, provincial and federal political problems facing citizens.
    Bryant has always loved politics and has been active most of his life. He was part of a chapter of history which saw the amalgamation of the Municipality of Badlands and the new Town of Drumheller.
    “I was involved in bringing the valley together, of anything I have done (politically) I am most proud of that,” he said.
    Dr. Bryant, originally from Rosedale, B.C., came to the valley in 1958-1959 to work as a veterinarian for the federal government.
     He went on to practice privately in  Bow Island. There he became mayor. He came back to the valley in 1976 and settled in Rosedale as the area’s district veterinarian. He jokes that his hometown of Rosedale, B.C. had four churches, while Rosedale, Alberta has  four bars.
    Politically he didn’t rest. He was appointed to the second Advisory Council for Improvement District #7. He explains that at the time, there was no formal council for the area, which included the areas in the valley surrounding Drumheller.
    There were local advisors, but the Minister of Municipal Affairs acted as the political head. In 1983, the position became elected, and Bryant continued.
    There was a sense in the Improvement District that it needed more influence politically. Bryant said there was a feeling that land was often annexed for the City of Drumheller’s own good.
    “Whenever they wanted more land they would go to Edmonton, talk to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, our legal leader, and ask for some more land and  there got to be some bad feelings that they were gradually chipping in on us,” he said.
    In 1991 The Municipal District of Badlands was formed.
    “At that time we became a legal municipality with an elected government making our own decisions,” said Bryant who served as reeve.
    He said the arrangement was good, but the MD had too small of a base and found themselves losing money each year, eating away at its reserves.
    Bryant, and then sitting Drumheller Mayor Brock Wood, could see the valley were better off with amalgamation.
    “After about two or three years of negotiations and a lot of publicity and arguments as politics does, we made an agreement to join with the city,” he said.
    Part of the negotiators guaranteed staff severance pay or a new job within the new municipality for Badlands employees, they also retained the Ward System. The City of Drumheller became a town, according to Bryant, was so the province would be responsible for the major highways through the valley, saving the municipality.  The MD of Badlands also gave up some land to Kneehill County, which also realized savings.
 In January 1 1998, a new combined council was sworn in with 13 members. That fall, the first election for councillors of the new look town took place and Bryant became Mayor.
    He says there are sill rumblings from some that were not happy with amalgamation.
“There are some who feel we sold out, but of course they don’t realize we were going broke,” he said, adding he believes they made one mistake. He would have liked to see the Ward System stay in place. The 2004 election was the last election that allowed residents to vote for candidates in their direct community.
    “I thought in the span of six years we would all get to love each other and all be mature enough to enjoy open voting, but that didn’t happen,” he said.
    Dr. Bryant served for one term and was defeated by Paul Ainscough in the next municipal election. By then, he had been retired professionally for four years.
    “I always liked politics and I always liked promoting the town,” said Bryant.
    While he has retired from the political realm, he has remained active in the community. He served as president of the Pioneer Trail Society for about five years. He believes in this institution.
    “To me this is the ideal place for seniors that are retired. It is a recreation room, we have the quilters and shuffle boarders, we have the card players and the pool players,” he said. “To me it’s a coffee row, but it is also a place to do things.”
    The Pioneer Trail Society became a registered society in 1974, but its roots go back to the 1950’s when it was started by the Elks Club.
Looking at his career in service, the people have been important to Bryant.
    “It is the satisfaction of doing your part and working with good people,” he said.
    As for the Town of Drumheller, it is on the right path.
    “I like to think that the political group can’t cause a lot of trouble.  This is true because you can be mayor or you can be councillor and you can give them your advice, but when it comes right down to it there is a bureaucracy there that is working and it is our job as elected officials to make sure that bureaucracy is on the right track. If they are on the right track; and this is true in Canadian government and anywhere else, you can’t change that overnight, and once you find out how it works, you probably don’t want to change it.”

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