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Referees needed for upcoming hockey season

Referees needed for upcoming hockey season

Refereeing in Drumheller can lead to some great opportunities, including shar...

Dragons win home opener, raise banner

Dragons win home opener, raise banner



The sounds of hundreds of orange cowbells rang out from...

Extreme make-over: wall edition

Extreme make-over: wall edition

    Walmart has taken out a building permit to repair the dam...

“Awesome country and amazing history, hospitable folks.”

“Awesome country and amazing history, hospitable folks.”

Every year InSide Drumheller holds the Great
Drumheller Dinosaur Challenge...

Caged for Kennels comes back for fifth year

Caged for Kennels comes back for fifth year

This Wednesday some local personalities are going to be locked up, all in the...

Members approve credit unions merger

Members approve credit unions merger

    Members gave a resounding “yes” in favour of the amalgamatio...

Ukraine students learn about Drumheller

Ukraine students learn about Drumheller

When Mayor Terry Yemen was in The Ukraine to observe the ...

Tough Mudder Drumheller 2014

  • Tough Mudder Couse Map

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Do iWant the iWatch?

Sep 14, 2014
Big news in the technology world - the Apple Watch was unveiled for the first time, and it's expected to arrive on shelves in 2015. Of the multitude of fascinating features, one aspect that is getting a lot of attention is the iWatch's ability to track physical activity and provide integrated fitness/activity apps to help guide... Read More

Town’s seniors programs start in September

Sep 11, 2014
The Town of Drumheller is again offering different programs for the area’s seniors to enjoy over the September to May season. The Badlands Community Facility is the place to go for the Seniors Drop-In Walking Program. Drop-in walking began Monday, September 8, and costs a toonie for non-BCF members. The drop-in walking runs every Monday at BCF… Read More

Gearing up for Coats for Kids

Sep 11, 2014
As summer begins to progress to fall, and the evenings get chillier, it is a subtle reminder that cooler days are around the corner. It is because of this, once again Western GM is getting ready for Coats For Kids. This is the sixth annual Coat For Kids campaign, and its objectives are simple: to collects as many good reusable winter outer… Read More

East Coulee School Museum receives CFEP funding

Sep 10, 2014
The East Coulee School Museum is one step closer to taking on Phase 1 of its improvement and renovation plan, thanks to a boost from the Alberta Government. This week the museum received a Community Facilities Enhancement Program (CFEP) Grant for $25,000, putting them closer to their goal, and allowing the museum to tackle its most pressing need,… Read More

Fred Fox to speak on lasting legacy of brother…

Sep 10, 2014
The hard work and dedication of students at St. Anthony’s has earned them a visit from a member of Terry Fox’s family. St. Anthony’s has been a great supporter of the Terry Fox School Run and has raised more than $80,000 in the last 10 years. This year’s School walk day is September 24 and they have set the lofty goal of raising $12,500. Leading… Read More

Drumheller student issues fasting challenge to…

Sep 10, 2014
Cody Makowecki…challenges other to fast, and donate to help feed a family. A Drumheller high school student is challenging others to learn a little more about how the poorest of the poor live, and to hopefully alleviate hunger pains felt in the Roatan. Cody Makowecki is entering Grade 10 at St. Anthony’s School. As part of his requirement to… Read More


Sep 10, 2014
ARCHIBALD, Ernest December 22, 1921 - August 31, 2014 Ernest Archibald passed away on Sunday, August 31, 2014 at the age of 92. He is survived by daughters April(Jerry) Zacharuk, Karen Fouquette, Lois(Ross) Frisken, sons Morris(Jodi) Archibald & Roy(Ann) Archibald. He is also survived by 11 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and 1 great great… Read More


Sep 10, 2014
MONTGOMERY, Eugene Royce December 21, 1931 - August 31, 2014 Mr. Eugene Royce Montgomery was born December 21, 1931 in Drumheller, Alberta. Eugene passed away at the age of 82 years, August 31, 2014 at the Drumheller Hospital with family at his side. Eugene came from a family with six siblings and is predeceased by; his loving wife Marguerite,… Read More

RADKE NANCY (nee Donnelly)

Sep 10, 2014
RADKE, Nancy (nee Donnelly) April 28, 1950 - September 4, 2014 Nancy was born on April 28, 1950 in Olean, New York, she passed away unexpectedly while camping on September 4, 2014 at Blood Indian Reservoir. Nancy was the fifth child of eight. Nancy moved to Bellingham, Washington with her family, she graduated High School in 1968 in Bellingham.… Read More

Landscape impresses Tough Mudder visitors

Sep 09, 2014
A panoramic view of attendees and obstacles at Tough Mudder from Drumheller's Stampede Grounds facing downtown September 6, 2014. “Wow.” That’s the most consistent feedback Mayor Terry Yemen received from people that took part in Tough Mudder Alberta 2014 on September 6 and 7. “Everyone loved the terrain,” said General Manager-Canada Tough Mudder… Read More

Contest winners amazed...

Sep 09, 2014
(l-r) Matthew, Alex, Dale and Linda Williams, winners of CTV’s Canada AM “Digging in the Badlands” contest, were greeted by Tourism President Bob Long. CTV was here in May to help launch the Canadian Badlands marketing campaign. Locals can routinely see dinosaurs throughout their day, and most have probably been to the Royal Tyrrell Museum… Read More

September 10 - September 16 > Call 403.823.2580…

Sep 09, 2014
FOR SALE 1993 Ford Aerostar for parts, but is drivable, 4 good tires on aluminum rims, rear bucket seats, $200 Carbon. Pone 403-334-6033. PETS FOR SALE... Maltese puppies, $1000 each, Siamese kittens $100 each. Call 403-823-9612 or 403-823-8173. HOUSE FOR RENT Century 21 manages over 100 rental properties. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes and suites for… Read More

Bariatric Surgery - More Long Term, High Quality…

Sep 08, 2014
Based on the available evidence, bariatric (obesity) surgery is effective to improve upon complications medical conditions related to obesity (such as type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea) and helpful for weight loss. However, most of this data is based on shorter term results, and there is a concern regarding gaps in high-quality knowledge as to... Read More

How to be a Tough Mudder spectator

Sep 05, 2014
A Tough Mudder crew member puts the finishing touches on an obstacle up at the Stampede Grounds Wednesday, September 3. Missing the on-line registration to watch Drumheller’s September 6 & 7 Tough Mudder event shouldn’t be an obstacle to attending. Spectators are able to pay $40 at the gate on either event day to go and cheer on their favourite… Read More

Craigmyle history book accepting stories

Sep 04, 2014
A dedicated group of volunteers has been combing through records and collecting stories to build a history collection and publish a history book for Craigmyle’s 2015 Centennial. Spearheaded by the Craigmyle Heritage Foundation, volunteers working on the book “Craigmyle: The Saga Continues” would like to hear from anyone wanting to submit a story… Read More

CN puts brakes on rail corridor use

Sep 03, 2014
A CN work train travels through Drumheller to haul away the tracks CN removed this spring from Hanna to Lyalta. CN is retaining the right of way, so the Town will be unable to lease the land. Any ideas the Town of Drumheller had for using the land that held the CN Rail line have been quashed. “I can confirm that CN is retaining the right of way as… Read More

Back to school means busy roadways

Sep 03, 2014
Mom Adrienne Kutney says good-bye to son Shaydon after taking him to his first day of Kindergarten at Drumheller's Greentree Elementary School, Tuesday, September 2. While back to school means finding classes, getting books and new runners for students. For drivers, it is time to be more cognizant of traffic on the streets, crosswalks and… Read More

September 3 - September 9 > Call 403.823.2580 to…

Sep 03, 2014
FOR SALE 1993 Ford Aerostar for parts, but is drivable, 4 good tires on aluminum rims, rear bucket seats, $200 Carbon. Pone 403-334-6033. ROOM FOR RENT ROOM FOR RENT... By week or month with house privileges. Call 403-823-6744, cell 403-334-2580. HOUSE FOR RENT Century 21 manages over 100 rental properties. 1, 2, and 3 bedroom homes and suites for… Read More


Sep 03, 2014
GASCHNITZ, Eleanor Frances January 27, 1917 - August 25, 2014 Eleanor Frances Gaschnitz passed away at the Drumheller Hospital on August 25, 2014. She was born on January 27, 1917 in her Grandpa and Grandma Schriner’s brick house at Belle River Road, Township St. Clair, County of China, near Marine City, Michigan. She was the second of five… Read More


Sep 03, 2014
KLINE, Neil August 25, 2014 Neil Kline of Drumheller, passed away peacefully, on August 25, 2014 at the age of 76 years. Neil was born in Calgary, and spent the majority of his working life there. Upon retirement he moved to Carbon, where he spent the happiest days of his life being the best grandpa he could ever be. In the last few years, Neil… Read More

Workshop won by funky fitness fanatic

Sep 02, 2014
A local fitness enthusiast has been selected for a workshop in Vancouver. Carol Todor has been exploring natural movement techniques for months, and has experimented with it throughout her daily life. MovNat is program that revolves around natural movement skills every human has: walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing and… Read More

Low Salt Intake - Good Or Bad For Your Heart Risk?

Sep 02, 2014
High blood pressure, called hypertension, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Because we know that high salt intake is associated with a higher risk of having high blood pressure (especially in those who are genetically prone to hypertension, and those who carry other medical conditions that increase risk for hypertension such... Read More

Fire Chief Bachynski retires

Aug 29, 2014
After 41 years of service to the community with the Drumheller Fire Department, 20 of which he served as Chief, Bill Bachynski has decided to retire. This week Bachynski served his notice and on Tuesday night told his fellow firefighters he has made the decision. “It has always been more than a job, but part of my life,” said Bachynski reflecting… Read More

Senior selfies

Aug 29, 2014
A group selfie! Top row (l-r): Wendy Dodd, 67, Vicki Hardy, 33, Mary Clark, 89. Bottom row (l-r): Betty Ludwig, 93, Lyla Stone, 84, Katherine Zimmerman, 94. The Drumheller Mail/inSide Drumheller reporter, Lauren Main, went to the Sunshine Lodge Thursday, August 21 to asking a hard question: What is a “selfie”? The term, coined in 2009 on a Flickr… Read More

Alberta Party talks policy with Drumheller Councillors


    The political landscape of Alberta has been shattered with the recent announcement of Premier Ed Stelmach’s retirement, quickly followed by Ted Morton stepping out of caucus and Liberal leader David Swan also announcing his retirement.

    The Wildrose Alliance has also been on the road publicly establishing itself as an alternative government ready to make a strike when an election is called.
    Another group has also been mobilizing, but over coffee, in kitchens and even online.
    Preceding the shake up at the legislature, Dave Taylor, Liberal MLA, announced he would be joining the Alberta Party, a name that has been around for years, but has a found new currency on the political landscape.
    Interim leader of the Alberta Party Sue Huff and organizer Michael Walters were through Drumheller on Monday, February 7. They met with Drumheller town councillors.
    “We have a municipal governance policy, it is a new policy we are working on and we want to get feedback from municipal councillors, mayor and reeves,” said Huff on their visit. They have been through a number of communities in Alberta with this goal in mind.
    The Alberta Party has been on the fringes of Alberta politics for years, first formed in 1985 from fragments of the Social Credit movement and even some separatist sentiments. About a year ago, a new movement began under the Alberta Party moniker.
    “We are a party that builds our policies on the values of Albertans and believes that in order to build good policy you better listen, and listen well, to what Albertans want,” said Huff.
    In fact, listen in what they say they have done over the last year. They even called it the “Big Listen.”
    Walter explains that a year ago the part membership was about 40 strong.
    “Our party started from scratch, any policies we did have we suspended because we didn’t want them to bias the process, we didn’t want to sell policy that was pre-existing based on a small group of people,” he said.  “In just over a year we have moved from 40 members to almost 900 today.”
Huff said the party takes a moderate balanced approach.
    “(We) believe that government should be pragmatic rather than ideological, and the best ideas come when you listen to a lot of people, and are willing to acknowledge that good ideas exist everywhere. Good ideas come from across the political spectrum,” said Huff.
    “Grassroots" is a term bandied about in politics. Another political movement under the banner of the Wildrose Alliance also went to the “grassroots” to form tips policy.
    “We started the conversation in a very different place, we started from values…we asked three questions - what pressures are you facing, what are your hopes for the future and what are you grateful for living in Alberta,” said Huff.
    Walters adds, “Before anyone had heard of the other party, they had a leader and were well financed, that is a significant difference. They came up with a product and a brand to sell.”
    With the change in the political climate in Alberta, the party is working hard to be ready for an election whenever it comes. Currently they have 29 constituency associations organized and are aiming to have 50 in place by mid-March. After associations are formed there will be a push for candidates.
    “We have a restrained sense of urgency. We know it (the election) is coming but we are not going to cut corners for political expediency. We are preparing to run candidates in every riding and build the infrastructure in every riding. If we find the right candidate who is local and committed…we are not going to parachute anyone in to be a candidate,” said Walters.
    More on the party can be found at www.albertaparty.ca.