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Community assesses damage from storm

Community assesses damage from storm

    Drumheller and the surrounding area were hit by a destruc...

Town hires Corporate Services Director,  Economic Development Officer

Town hires Corporate Services Director, Economic Development Officer

The Town of Drumheller has made some key hires recently,  filling out it...

Storm rips through valley

Storm rips through valley

Sunday morning Drumheller residents were getting a better look at the damage ...

RCMP Update: Sudden death near East Coulee

RCMP Update: Sudden death near East Coulee

On July 19th, 2014, at about 9:30 am, Emergency Services from Drum...
 Young man killed in gravel crusher, updated

Young man killed in gravel crusher, updated

From the Drumheller RCMP:

On July 19th, 2014, at about 9:30 am, Emergency...

Starland’s Nelson  Farms named BMO Farm Family

Starland’s Nelson Farms named BMO Farm Family

Nelson  Farms was named the BMO Farm family for Starland County at this ...

Drumheller and Hanna areas under severe thunderstorm watch

Drumheller and Hanna areas under severe thunderstorm watch

A severe thunderstorm alert is in effect today, with the warning stretching f...

Canada Day 2014

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Atkins - Dr Sue's Review

Jul 21, 2014
The Atkins Diet is one of the most longstanding and highly popularized diets out there. The foundation of the diet is based upon avoidance of carbohydrates, without restricting calorie intake per se. It's extremely restrictive in carbohydrate intake in the beginning phase at only 20g per day. From there, there is an eventual... Read More

Carbon Farmers’ Exchange tucked away gem

Jul 18, 2014
The Carbon Farmers’ Exchange is a 99 year old heritage building housing a museum and small art gallery. The Exchange was at one time a hub for the small community, showing Saturday night movies and holding dinners and dances. The building was constructed in 1915 - a year after almost all of the town of Carbon was destroyed by fire. A short, scenic… Read More

Funky fitness movement hits Drumheller

Jul 18, 2014
Carol Todor, second from the left, training her Functional Fitness Fascia Class to move naturally. A local woman has exchanged the gym for a playground in a new fitness craze she has dubbed Functional Fitness Fascia. Carol Todor has pursued athletics all her life. Training fitness leaders, yoga and dance students, Todor realized something had… Read More

Not all dangers in the river are monsters...

Jul 18, 2014
(l-r) Hayven Tucker, Alisha Hilchey, Eden Hilchey and Karis Hilchey take advantage of the summer heat and go for a float down the river. The Red Deer River which flows through Drumheller has been an integral part of the community; it provides residents with an escape from the blazing Albertan heat, various water activities, and a peaceful view at… Read More

Three Hills derailment under investigation

Jul 18, 2014
By 2 a.m. Monday morning, crews were able to clear up a derailment North of Three Hills and restored service to the track. This followed a derailment which involved 15 cars early Saturday evening. A rail line north of Three Hills is back on track after crews completed the cleanup of a derailment that happened last Saturday evening. At about 7… Read More

Summer work in Standard

Jul 18, 2014
The Standard Beautification Group has been hard at work again this year and have added plants and new planters to different spots throughout town, as well as at Standard’s two welcome signs. A local farmer donated a huge water tank that the group is able to use for their plant care. When summer is over, the group plans to use the planters for… Read More

St. Anthony’s host pilgrimage to Passion Play

Jul 18, 2014
St. Anthony’s Parish in Drumheller is hosting the Drumheller Passion Pilgrimage and has invited everyone to a special event on July 20. At 10 a.m. there will be a mass at the Passion Play Amphitheatre said by Bishop Henry, followed by a barbecue and then the production of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play. Catholics from across the province will… Read More

The Dominator3 brings Storm Chasers to Drumheller…

Jul 18, 2014
The TVNWeather.com "SRV Dominator", one of its armoured tornado chasing vehicles, was in Drumheller Thursday afternoon with the area under a Tornado Watch from the afternoon into the early evening. The company was tracking the storm system moving through the prairies that caused Environment Canada to issue severe thunderstorm and tornado alerts.… Read More

Motorists ignore radar speed sign

Jul 18, 2014
The radar speed sign sits outside of McConkey Park as a warning to drivers to slow down to thirty kilometers per hour while passing through the playground zone. After an investigation that took place by the radar speed sign near McConkey park yielded surprising results, one answer is clear: when it comes to speed, drivers are bending the rules.… Read More


Jul 18, 2014
GIECK, nee Cardamone Angela Maria (Butt) July 11, 1930 - July 14, 2014 It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of Angela Maria Gieck, our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother on July 14, 2014 at Drumheller Continuing Care (Victoria Lane), surrounded by her family. She was born in Haynes, Alberta and moved to Drumheller with her family… Read More

Tornada watch ends for Drumheller area

Jul 17, 2014
TORNADO WATCH ENDED Updated Friday July 18, 11:30 am The tornado watch ended for the Drumheller and Hanna areas last night, and Environment Canada currently has no weather alerts in effect for the region or Alberta. Environment Canada had Drumheller and other parts of the prairies under a Tornado Watch Thursday afternoon and evening, when a humid… Read More

Clowning around and around

Jul 17, 2014
It’s a long way down for Andrew Suntjens as he rolls around the field house of Flyin’ Bob’s Circus Camp. After a generous donation from the Drumheller Rotary Club, the Badlands Community Facility was able to host a summer day camp for kids willing to take a swing at their circus skills. The camp, from July 16 to 18, has the kids learning fifteen… Read More

Former councillor supports BCF

Jul 16, 2014
The Badlands Community Facility (BCF) Fundraising Cabinet is pleased to announce more support from the community. Doug Stanford, former Town Councillor, recently decided to increase his donation to $5,000, in order to secure a place on the Donor Wall, just inside the front doors of the BCF. Stanford’s decision was spurred by receiving a cheque… Read More

July 16 - July 22 > Call 403.823.2580 to place ad

Jul 16, 2014
MISCELLANEOUS COFFEE TABLE FOR SALE... Beautiful brass, glass and stone coffee table from high end furniture store. Will let go for $350.00 or best offer. Bevelled glass is 44x44x1 inch thick. Must be picked up. Phone 403-823-6531. FOR SALE... GE Front Load Laundry pair, like new, used 1 year, $700, Moffat bar fridge, $50, Nature patterned sofa,… Read More

Debt Clock Tour rolls through Drumheller

Jul 15, 2014
Tuesday, July 15, the Drumheller Valley was visited by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), a lobby group campaigning for a debt-free Alberta. The Debt Clock, towed behind the group’s brand new Ford F-150, represents the how for every second, minute and hour that passes, Alberta’s debt increases by a certain amount. The Alberta Debt Clock tour… Read More

Diabetic Alert Dogs - Fact or Fiction?

Jul 14, 2014
Some dog-owning diabetics have reported that their dogs alert them to the fact that they are having a low blood sugar. As such, there are a number of organizations out there that train dogs specifically to alert their owners to a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) event. So, does having a hypoglycemia alert dog actually work?A recent s... Read More

Images of derailment near Three Hills

Jul 13, 2014
There is a train derailment north of the Town of Three Hills that includes minor disruption of transportation services. Township Road 322 is closed from Range Road 240 east to the entrance to the grain elevator. The road will remain closed until further notice. Photos courtesy the Three Hills Capital Read More

Train derails near Three Hills

Jul 13, 2014
Township Road 322 in Kneehill County is closed as crew deal with a train derailment north of the Town of Three Hills. Alberta Emergency Alert issued the alert at 10:18 p.m. Initial reports indicate the derailment happened north of Three Hills at about 7p.m. Saturday and involved about 15 cars. There were no reports of injuries. Township Road 322… Read More

Hanna Roundhouse scheduled for assessment

Jul 11, 2014
The Hanna Roundhouse Society has received funding that allows it to move forward with work on the historical site. The society is receiving over $17,000 in a matching grant from the province which will help cover the costs of an assessment on the Roundhouse. “We are proceeding with some of the building evaluation - the ceiling and the walls. The… Read More

New angle on area aerial photography

Jul 11, 2014
A number of towns in the area are getting a new look when it comes to aerial photography. Not only are the recent aerial photographs of these towns the traditional overhead view, they’re also taken at a forty-five degree angle for a more complete picture. Justin Hill, GIS Coordinator with Palliser Regional Municipal Services, co-ordianted the… Read More

New federal law aimed at curbing electronic junk…

Jul 11, 2014
Businesses and organizations, including charities and not-for-profits, face restrictions communicating with their customers under a new federal law designed to curb electronic junk mail. The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) came into effect July 1, 2014, setting out conditions for anyone that sends what it describes as a commercial electronic… Read More

Track athlete's on her way to Alberta Summer…

Jul 11, 2014
A Drumheller track and field athlete is heading to the Alberta Summer Games. The Alberta Summer Games is in Airdrie from July 24-27. Payton Zacharuk, 14, has qualified to compete in track and field events, and in her case, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She comes from a long line of athletes. In fact, her sister Sydney competed in the… Read More

Local fitness enthusiasts strive for excellence…

Jul 11, 2014
Three local girls have discovered their passion in the sport of body building. Madison Colberg, 18, Semone Ell, 25, and Maria Patterson, 18, recently competed in this year’s Southern Alberta regional show on June 14. “Body building gives you a constant goal,” said Patterson. And the goal each one is striving for? Nationals. While Ell prospered in… Read More

No injuries in Highway 10 collision

Jul 11, 2014
The Drumheller RCMP, EMS and the Drumheller Fire Department responded to a collision on Highway 10 near the Cambria Bridge shortly after 2 p.m., Friday afternoon. It appears a camper westbound collided with the corner of a combine, which was being hauled on a flatbed truck eastbound. The top of the camper above the cab of the truck was damaged and… Read More

Alberta Party talks policy with Drumheller Councillors


    The political landscape of Alberta has been shattered with the recent announcement of Premier Ed Stelmach’s retirement, quickly followed by Ted Morton stepping out of caucus and Liberal leader David Swan also announcing his retirement.

    The Wildrose Alliance has also been on the road publicly establishing itself as an alternative government ready to make a strike when an election is called.
    Another group has also been mobilizing, but over coffee, in kitchens and even online.
    Preceding the shake up at the legislature, Dave Taylor, Liberal MLA, announced he would be joining the Alberta Party, a name that has been around for years, but has a found new currency on the political landscape.
    Interim leader of the Alberta Party Sue Huff and organizer Michael Walters were through Drumheller on Monday, February 7. They met with Drumheller town councillors.
    “We have a municipal governance policy, it is a new policy we are working on and we want to get feedback from municipal councillors, mayor and reeves,” said Huff on their visit. They have been through a number of communities in Alberta with this goal in mind.
    The Alberta Party has been on the fringes of Alberta politics for years, first formed in 1985 from fragments of the Social Credit movement and even some separatist sentiments. About a year ago, a new movement began under the Alberta Party moniker.
    “We are a party that builds our policies on the values of Albertans and believes that in order to build good policy you better listen, and listen well, to what Albertans want,” said Huff.
    In fact, listen in what they say they have done over the last year. They even called it the “Big Listen.”
    Walter explains that a year ago the part membership was about 40 strong.
    “Our party started from scratch, any policies we did have we suspended because we didn’t want them to bias the process, we didn’t want to sell policy that was pre-existing based on a small group of people,” he said.  “In just over a year we have moved from 40 members to almost 900 today.”
Huff said the party takes a moderate balanced approach.
    “(We) believe that government should be pragmatic rather than ideological, and the best ideas come when you listen to a lot of people, and are willing to acknowledge that good ideas exist everywhere. Good ideas come from across the political spectrum,” said Huff.
    “Grassroots" is a term bandied about in politics. Another political movement under the banner of the Wildrose Alliance also went to the “grassroots” to form tips policy.
    “We started the conversation in a very different place, we started from values…we asked three questions - what pressures are you facing, what are your hopes for the future and what are you grateful for living in Alberta,” said Huff.
    Walters adds, “Before anyone had heard of the other party, they had a leader and were well financed, that is a significant difference. They came up with a product and a brand to sell.”
    With the change in the political climate in Alberta, the party is working hard to be ready for an election whenever it comes. Currently they have 29 constituency associations organized and are aiming to have 50 in place by mid-March. After associations are formed there will be a push for candidates.
    “We have a restrained sense of urgency. We know it (the election) is coming but we are not going to cut corners for political expediency. We are preparing to run candidates in every riding and build the infrastructure in every riding. If we find the right candidate who is local and committed…we are not going to parachute anyone in to be a candidate,” said Walters.
    More on the party can be found at www.albertaparty.ca.