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Badlands full of picturesque places



It’s 6:30 in the morning and the sun is just starting to stretch out over the horizon. Here you stand atop a cliff marveling at majestic hoodoos millions of years in the making, a glint of dew marbling off the brush nearby and the sound of native swallows echoing in the distance.
    The light seems to cascade through what was once a bustling river valley and in the distance you see a fox traipsing across this breathtaking tapestry.


    In the Canadian Badlands, moments like these are easy to find.     Filled with modern, historic and prehistoric wonders, photographers have plenty of options in the Canadian Badlands when searching for their next composition. That’s why the Badlands ( has a photography tour to help you along the way.
    Naturally, there’s plenty of unique geography thanks to the exposed layers of sediment in Dinosaur Provincial Park. But there’s so much else out there!         From the Dry Island Buffalo Jump north of Three Hills to the meandering Milk River near the Alberta-Montana border, the Canadian Badlands has plenty of opportunities for shutterbugs of all experience levels to capture some magical moments.
    Did you know the Badlands are one of the sunniest regions in Canada? That means more light and more hours of opportunity to capture something magnificent. All those extra rays also mean you’ll have an easier time stopping the action of antelope running across the prairie, a Golden Hawk soaring overhead or whatever else you need a high shutter speed for.
    Nature is obviously a huge part of the photographic possibilities, but don’t forget the people and the places you’ll come across either. Whether it’s a smiling face in Drumheller or the impressive architecture of Lethbridge’s High Level Bridge, you’re only limited by your imagination – but don’t count out the inspiration you’re bound to encounter either.
    Look out across the brilliant fields of wheat, corn and canola in all their shades of yellow and green and brown, but try some different angles too. Look up at the 20-story-tall Saamis Teepee in Medicine Hat or down into the blossom of a cactus. No matter which angle you take you’re bound to find something you hadn’t considered before.
    To find the Badlands photography tours go to and click on Touring Routes, then Activity Tours. You’ll find tips, discover new places and look at ones you already know in a whole new light.
    After such a busy day, don’t forget you still have the sunset. Might want to dial down your shutter speed – you’ve been exposed to a lot today.

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