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Badminton players excel at home tournament

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    The St. Anthony’s Junior High Badminton team wrapped up its season at its home tournament, and all the athletes had a strong showing.
    The school invited badminton teams from Berry Creek and Youngstown for the competition on Wednesday, May 8.
    In Grade 7 Boy’s Singles, Braydan Mahoney won Bronze, and in Grade 7 Girl’s Singles, K.C. Limosinero won gold and Trish Ratonel won bronze.
    In Grade 8  Girl’s Singles, ReneeJoy Flores won gold and in Grade 8 Boy’s Singles, Ian Pedregosa won gold and Teigan Sattler won silver.
    In Grade 9 Boy’s singles, Tristen Hall won gold, Daxton Mulgrew won silver and Lorenzo Pulvinar won bronze.
    In Grade 7/8  Girl’s Doubles Morgan Brown and Hannah Dean won gold, Annika Brant and Teagan Shadlock won silver and  Princess Mayo and Bernadeth Diray won bronze.
    In Grade7-9 Boy’s/mixed doubles Brandon Mastel and Ethan Manning won gold, and Brett Schrock and Aryan Chand won silver.