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Canadian play about first love graces Rosebud stage


    As an organization that is supportive of Canadian artists and emerging talent, Rosebud Theatre is proud to produce a Canadian play written by Calgary playwright Stephen Massicotte.
    Playing until October 24, Mary’s Wedding is a beautiful story of love and courage that has received rave reviews from both the Calgary Sun and CBC radio.
     “I picked this play because it is about love,” says Artistic Director, Morris Ertman. “There is no more significant human interaction than love. And Stephen’s play sets it against a backdrop of war that raises the stakes to the point where the drama of it all is potent. The piece is beautifully constructed within a dream on the eve of Mary’s Wedding, and it paints a picture of first love that I think is recognizable to all of us."
    “First love is an adventure! It’s full of surprise and delight and hope and more. The play is a wonderful visceral experience on the page, which means that it becomes absolutely electric on stage! There’s nothing better than a great love story lived out by great young actors!”
    A Calgary based writer and actor, Stephen Massicotte grew up in Thunder Bay, went to college in Sudbury and then to the University of Calgary. He has written several autobiographical pieces that have won awards at various Fringe festivals, but Mary’s Wedding is his first full-length fictional play.
    He found that writing Mary’s Wedding became a human story very close to home. While he began writing a play about the First World War and specifically the Strathcona Regiment’s heroic charge on Moreuil Wood, the love story of Charlie and Mary closely mirrored personal events in his own life.
    He found he was inserting lines he and his own girlfriend had exchanged during the course of their relationship. As a result of the intensity of that relationship, the love story became the heart of the play with the tragedy of the Great War as a backdrop. He feels he was helped enormously through reading great authors such as Ernest Hemingway, Kurt Vonnegut and Robert Graves who wrote of the war experience in such a moving way.
    Massicotte’s award-winning plays Looking After Eden, Pervert, and The Boy’s Own Jedi Handbook series originated at Calgary’s Ground Zero Theatre. In 2002, Mary’s Wedding, premiered at Alberta Theatre Projects’ PlayRites Festival and won the 2000 Alberta Playwriting Competition, the 2002 Betty Mitchell Award for Best New Play, and the 2003 Alberta Literary Award for Drama.
    Mary’s Wedding continues to be produced throughout the US, Canada and the UK.
    Mary’s Wedding plays until October 24 at the Rosebud Theatre Opera House, Wednesdays thru Saturdays. Book your tickets at 1-800-267-7553 or visit for more information.

Town Council considers automated cart collection



At the October 6 Committee of the Whole meeting The Town of Drumheller Mayor and Council heard a presentation from Al Kendrick, director of Infrastructure for the Town of Drumheller and Tammi Nygaard, operations manager of the Drumheller and District Solid Waste Association regarding automated cart collection.
    The presentation included recommendation from the Town of Drumheller administration regarding the waste collection system. It is the recommendation of administration that the Town of Drumheller change their waste collection system from a manual hand pick up to an automated cart collection system. The benefits of implementing an automated cart collection system include:
•    Safer for workers
•    Increased diversion rate. This will provide a longer landfill life if utilizing the organics/recycling containers as well as the waste containers
 •    Simplifies collection
 •    Automated collection increases collection efficiency; Waste collection can be done much quicker. Some communities have increased pick ups from 350 per day to 700-800 per day with the automated system.
•    Cleanliness-no waste is scattered by animals or elements •    Reduces our environmental footprint.
    If Town Council agrees to implement this system Drumheller residents will receive a 95 gallon (360 L) cart with a capacity for up to 5 bags of waste. Residential waste would be picked up by a specially equipped vehicle.
    This initiative will pave the way to provide other green services such as phasing in additional carts for organics and recycling. The administration has suggested a phasing in period of 2 to 3 years for organic carts and 5 to 10 years for recycling carts.
    There was also discussion regarding the exclusive franchise agreement for commercial waste collection. The exclusive agreement was introduced 15 years ago to ensure that the commercial sector and the Town received a competitive rate for collection services. The exclusive franchise agreement provided extensive savings for both the Town and the commercial sector. Today there are several waste management companies within the community and administration has heard from numerous commercial businesses that would prefer a free market when deciding who to retain for their waste collection services. Administration recommended that the exclusive franchise agreement be terminated and that the commercial sector should be able to choose their own waste services company.
    If council accepts the recommendations set forth, the existing waste bylaw would have to be modified.
Administration has proposed the following timelines •    Residential waste collection Tender prepared and distributed by November 15, 2009.
•    Residential waste tender awarded by December 15th 2009
•    Implementation of the first phase for the Cart Collection System by April 1, 2010 •    Complete research, review and communicate with the public on the payment service options by December 31, 2010
•    Implementation of the second phase of the cart collection system by April 1, 2014.
    Administration also recommends that the waste collection costs remain funded through property tax revenue for 2010 with a suggestion to complete a full review of the tax base versus utility funding option.
    A request for decision will be made to the Town of Drumheller Council within the next 4 weeks.

Darwin Durnie honoured by Alberta Public Works Association


    Drumheller’s Darwin Durnie has been presented with a Leadership Award from the Alberta Public Works Association  (AWPA) for his distinguished service and excellence  in public works.
    Durnie received the award at the APWA  Conference at the Wednesday night gala in Red Deer on October 7.
    “I was very pleased and surprised to be honoured by the receipt of this award at the banquet on Wednesday night at the GALA. One does not get into this game seeking awards and it is great to be recognized by my peers for efforts made on their behalf,” Durnie said.
     According to the nomination, Darwin’s passion for public works stems from his desire to create strong, healthy communities. Darwin has been in the public works industry for over 25 years and his resume is marked with a number of successful projects and initiatives that have all had a drastic impact on a number of Alberta’s communities. Darwin’s more notable accomplishments include his work with the Town of Drumheller, his committee work - serving in a number of high profile positions with the American and Canadian Public Works Associations, and his work with the Alberta Public Works Association. Darwin’s innovative leadership style has been the driving force for a number of North American initiatives that have enhanced the profile and efficacy of the public works industry across North America.
    Currently he is serving as past president on the APWA Executive and is working as a Registered Engineering Technologist for Stantec in Red Deer.
    “I firmly believe that you get out of an organization what you put into it and the myriad contacts I have made over the years are testament to that. Thanks again all - as I would not have received this without the collective of all of you. The mentors and coaches I have had over the last 25 years in the business have taught me a lot and paved the way forward for me to always remember to help the new members be their best in our industry,” he said.


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