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Council Notes From the regular meeting of Monday, Nov. 14, 2016

Town of Drumheller Crest

Council Notes
From the regular meeting of
Monday, Nov. 14, 2016

At the November 14 Town Council Meeting, Council completed both second and third reading of the bylaw to close a portion of airspace over the East Coulee Hotel. These readings were done after the bylaw was approved by Alberta Transportation. This is being read and passed for the purpose of constructing balconies with support columns on the second storey of the East Coulee Hotel.
Council agreed to appoint Margaret Nielsen as the representative to the Marigold Library System. Mrs. Nielsen has served the maximum time as a Library Board member of three consecutive terms. She will serve as the representative for a term of three years which will expire in 2019.
The Director of Corporate Services, Barbara Miller, proposed that the Town of Drumheller award the contract for banking services to Scotia Bank. Scotia Bank and Chinook Financial were found as the top two financial institutions after considering what all six financial institutions had to offer. Council agreed on a five year contract with Scotia Bank.
Administration provided council with quarterly reports.
The Chief Administrative Officer’s report included the completion of the Tourism Levy Report. The Land Use Bylaw Amendments were also passed. CAO Romanetz also said that during the third quarter, council was presented a draft of the Infrastructure Master Plan and it is anticipated the Asset Management Plan will be presented for approval in January, 2017. CAO Romanetz said that some of the Economic Development Strategy the Economic Development Task Force worked on was the establishment of a Wayfinding Signage Committee to review and recommend the development, design and implementation of pedestrian signage, the first Storefront Improvement Grant cheques handed out, and the submission of three grant applications.
Director of Infrastructure Services, Darryl Drohomerski presented council with the priorities for the third quarter. They included; presenting the draft master plan; identifying needed improvements to the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and including it in the budget for 2017; the street improvement program, which took longer than anticipated because of weather related delays; completing the water main replacement program; landscaping the East Coulee fill station; the completion of the arena handrail which has received positive feedback from the community; providing council with an airport report and the completion of concrete medians on Highway 9 South.
Barb Miller, Director of Corporate Services, provided council with a report stating that property tax recovery went better than anticipated. Mrs. Miller said there was a noticeable increase in the number of residents enrolling in the monthly payment plan. She also said the E-billing campaign was going well. The STEP grant application was approved and new funding had become available. Mrs. Miller also provided council with the third quarter’s operating statements and noted the individual functions are trending on or below target.
Director of Community Services, Paul Salvatore provided a quarterly report which included; wayfinding committee working through the initial design concept and tentatively scheduling the installation for November 2016; the development board featuring several new members and is focusing on a joint meeting with council to discuss economic readiness. The report also showed the heritage, arts, and culture policy was approved by council for $5,000 in municipal grants. Mr. Salvatore also said the Hillsview 2 project commenced and there are six houses that have completed construction. Affordable Housing has worked with CMHC and Drumheller Housing Administration and the Provincial Government has announced an affordable housing framework to be announced late 2017.
Director of Protective Services, Greg Peters presented Council with the Protective Services Quarterly Report. Mr. Peters said Bylaw received 267 calls for service including parking issues, noise, animal issues, business licenses and issues related to property and upkeep. There were 58 calls for service reported by the fire chief, one was a fatal fire and was investigated by our fire chief in cooperation with RCMP, provincial fire commissioner and the provincial coroner’s office. According to Mr. Peters, 25 false alarms were called in the community within the third quarter and the director, in collaboration with the fire chief and the RCMP detachment, are looking to develop a bylaw for false alarms in the hopes of eliminating them. Mr. Peters said bylaw officers issued 136 weed notices and regarded that as a relatively high figure. It was attributed to the amount of rain received during the summer of 2016.
Councillor Tara McMillan provided council with the Valley Bus Society report. Councillor McMillan said the Valley Bus saw 23% less calls this year. She stated the Carbon tax will affect the Valley Bus and will possibly be affected by the raise in minimum wage as well.
Town Council switched over to in-camera matters.

Council Notes From the Committee of the Whole November 7, 2016

Council Notes

From the Committee of the Whole November 7, 2016

At the Monday, October 7 Drumheller Town Council’s Committee of the Whole Meeting, Mayor Terry Yemen started the meeting out with a proclamation that this week is officially Remembrance week to honour those who served for our country and made our way of life possible.

Mayor Yemen also said a congratulations to the Drumheller Titans senior football team that have made it into this year’s playoffs.
Tom Zariski presented Council with a report on Citizens on Patrol (COP). He explained that COP is made up of carefully selected volunteers and works in conjunction with the RCMP. Drumheller Citizens on Patrol provide an extra set of eyes for the Drumheller RCMP. COP has a direct line to the on duty officers and call in any suspicious activity, break and enter, drunk driving, vehicle rummaging, and suspicious persons they encounter. Drumheller COP work hand in hand with Rural Crime Watch and Victim Services.
Councillor Zariski said the hopes COP has for the near future are to be able to raise $2,500 a year so that they don’t have to rely on the town’s support. They hope to be self sufficient before 2018.
COP also hopes to increase the amount of active members they have and to be able to expand to help out during disasters such as during the flood. They hope to increase their public presence, awareness, and communication.
Drumheller’s Citizens on Patrol has intentions of joining Alberta Citizens on Patrol and participate in provincial events, conferences, and activities.
Councillor Zariski said that Drumheller’s COP hopes to find new office space, improve coordination and have better communication. They also have goals of having a webpage, facebook page, and email address to have a web presence. COP is hoping to receive funding to have signs entering Drumheller.
With all of these goals set in place, COP plans to make volunteer recruitment a priority.
According to Gunnar Mortensen, President of the Drumheller Citizens on Patrol Association, COP has 17 members currently. Mr. Mortensen said that he feels Drumheller needs 30 active members to sufficiently patrol all of Drumheller and the surrounding areas such as Nacmine and East Coulee.
Councillor Zariski said the Drumheller Citizens on Patrol Association is requesting approximately $2,000 for the next year to continue to support COP and rent an office space that is secure 24 hours, be able to put signs at the town entrances, as well as funding for the members to attend the annual Alberta COP conference. This is an approximate amount needed still after a fuel card was paid for and reflective vests have been donated.
Councillor Zariski explained that COP recently registered as a society which enables them to take donations and solicit funds from other non profit groups. They also plan to become registered to do fundraising to help become more self sufficient.
Councillor Zariski said, “The more volunteers there are, the more patrols there will be and more patrols makes for a more safe community.”

Council Notes From the Organizational Meeting of Town Council Monday, October 31, 2016

Town of Drumheller Crest

Council Notes

From the Organizational Meeting of Town Council Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, October 31 Council held an organizational meeting before the Council Meeting.

After the Organizational meeting was held each of these members were assigned these appointments for 2016/2017:
• Mayor Terry Yemen is appointed to the Chamber of Commerce; Disaster Service Committee; Aqua 7 Steering Committee; Revitalization Corporation; Canadian Badlands Ltd, as the executive; Economic Development Task Force; and Red Deer River Municipal Users Group.
• Sharel Shoff is appointed to Revitalization Corporation, Municipal Planning Commision, Palliser Regional Municipal Services, Community Futures, Assessment Review Board, and the Economic Development Task Force.
• Patrick Kolafa is appointed to Airport Commission; Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association; Public Library Board, Disaster Services Committee; Canadian Badlands Ltd, as a shareholder; and the Taxi Commission.
• CAORay Romanetz is appointed to Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association and Aqua 7 Steering Committee.
• Tara McMillian is appointed to Valley Bus Society.
• Darryl Drohomerski is appointed to Valley Bus Society.
• Tom Zariski is appointed to Crime Stoppers, Citizens on Patrol, Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation, Municipal Planning Commission, and Heritage Steering Committee.
• Jay Garbutt is appointed to Drumheller Housing Administration; Subdivision and Development Appeal Board; Disaster Service Committee; Canadian Badlands Ltd, as a shareholder; and Taxi Commission.
• Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk is appointed to Drumheller Agriculture and Stampede Board, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, and Assessment Review Board.
• Rod Viske is appointed as an Assessor.
• Economic Development Officer Julia Fielding is appointed to Travel Drumheller which is a new appointment this year.
• Council appointed Ryan Semchuk by secret ballot to Economic Development Task Force.
• Allen Hendricks was appointed to Municipal Planning Commission.
• Lizbeth Dube was appointed to Public Library Board. The remaining two vacancies on the Public Library Board will be advertised until they are appointed.
• Karen Ann Bertamini, Don Guidolin, and Keith Hodgson are appointed to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.
• Gerald Martinez and Kandace Wylie-Toews are appointed to Drumheller Housing Administration.
After the Organizational Meeting was complete and the Town of Drumheller Council Meeting was called to order Councillor Jay Garbutt was sworn in as Deputy Mayor for the months of November and December, 2016.
Director of Infrastructure Services, Darryl Drohomerski proposed and council passed a motion to reject all bids for the installation of the pool liner in order to incorporate the liner installation with the rest of the Aquaplex project with hopes of retendering the package together to find a lower bid.
All three readings were done for the amendment to Bylaw 07.14 to establish fees for the issuance of permits of overweight and over-dimensional commercial vehicles on highways under the direction, control, and management of the Town of Drumheller.

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