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Council Notes from the Committee of the Whole Meeting of Monday, March 11, 2019



Council Notes
Drumheller Town Council
Committee of the Whole Meeting
Monday, March 11, 2019

Council heard a delegation from Ryan Semchuk, chair of Travel Drumheller, to provide an update of the organization’s work in 2018 and plans for 2019. He highlighted the organization’s social media and internet stats, as well as marketing and promotions being done by Travel Drumheller.
Council discussed feedback from the open houses regarding the three different tax incentive bylaws currently being developed, which provide incentive for new businesses in vacant buildings, new commercial developments, and incentives for existing property owners of vacant buildings. One letter was received saying one of the incentives, which would exempt new business from one year of paying property taxes, would affect other taxpayers. Councillor Jay Garbutt said that was a risk needed to be taken to attract new business to Drumheller who might choose to locate elsewhere.
Council discussed feedback from the tourism corridor bylaw and the community standards bylaw. Mayor Colberg said she heard feedback suggesting the term ‘reasonable time’ in the bylaw is vague and asked for clarification. Director of Protective Services Greg Peters said that language exists in legislation and laws and said he would be hesitant to come up with a definition of reasonable time because it depends on the context of the situation and business. Councillor Garbutt said that should be communicated
to the public and bylaw will be working with individuals and hope they are doing the best they can do to clean up potential violations. Mayor Colberg agreed people would be asked to show their effort to clean up or fix violations. Councillor Kristyne DeMott suggested when the bylaws are passed it be clearly communicated to the public which bylaws, including the land use bylaw, affect whom and how, and communications officer Julia Fielding agreed. Councillor Fred Makowecki asked whether the tourism bylaw affected all properties adjacent to the corridor routes, and Mr. Peters said it might be good to include properties visible from the corridor.
Council held discussions of the operating budget, but a copy of the changes made since last week’s meeting were not provided to the public. Look for these in the council meeting notes next week when they are brought to the regular council meeting.