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Council Notes of the committee of the whole meeting Monday September 11, 2017

Lyle Cawiezel, president of the Drumheller Minor Baseball and Kent Jensen, president of the Drumheller Girls Softball Association presented a list of concerns about the current diamonds where the Drumheller Minor Baseball Association plays.
The association mentioned that they needed larger fields to accommodate bantam and midget teams. They also asked for a drainage system at the Rosedale diamonds as the water that drains across from the left diamond to the right diamond remains in the right diamond behind first base. This water leaves the diamond unusable and stops town crews from entering the area to mow the grass.
The outfield fence at the Midland diamonds were suggested to be turned into smaller infields for t-ball and coach pitch.
Lastly, the association mentioned a new use for the old tennis courts located east of the aquaplex. For a couple years before the courts get repurposed, a temporary batting cage could be easily set up.
The town council agreed to work further to address the most relevant and pressing issues.
Director of Infrastructure Darryl Drohomerski gave an update on the aquaplex modernization project.
The project has jumped from 45 per cent to 75 per cent complete over the last week and so far the budget is on track.



TownofDrumhellerCrestPipe work is 99 per cent complete and the pouring of concrete will be at the same level of completion by Friday night.
The pool liner is scheduled to be returned by next Monday.
Tile work, floor coating, and bathrooms will be the main focus once concrete work is finished.
Drohomerski hopes to have water in the pool by the third week of October.
The decision to upgrade the women’s showers next year was brought forth as tile takes a long time to deliver.
On Wednesday, September 6, councillor Sharel Shoff attended a Palliser Regional Municipal Services meeting.
Palliser believes to be doing better than for the past few years on subdivisions.
To highlight some of the ongoing projects, they are working with Rockyford on infrastructure, a rail project for Oyen and Special Areas, and with Drumheller for sewer and automation purposes.
Palliser is looking to phase in a new funding model that may lead to a larger requisition from the town.
The reason for this increase is because an assessment has gone down significantly and the board made a decision to modify the funding formula.
Councillor Jay Garbutt gave an update from the Drumheller Housing Administration (DHA).
Currently four vacancies are available in community housing and one in the Sandstone Manor. Nine more move outs are expected to occur by the end of the year.
Turnover is at the highest it’s ever been but within the market, rent is lower, however DHA is poised to make a healthy reserve payment this year.
For projects, the DHA has worked with Drohomerski and his team to work on the Hunts property where flooding in basements was a common issue. The first fix did not hold up so more work is being done to solve the issue.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:17 p.m.

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