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Co-op Till Tape Program supports dozens of community organizations



It has become one of the most dependable fundraisers in the valley, and with its most recent disbursement, The Co-op Till Tape Program can brag of an investment of almost $200,000 into the community.
    The program, which has been ongoing since 2000, issued cheques to the numerous organizations that use the fundraiser. On February 5, they distributed $11,312.54 to participating organizations. This brings its nine-year total to $196,048.99.
    The Till Tape Program is simple. A shopper can collect their receipts when they shop at the Drumheller Co-op. They then turn the till tapes over to the community group of their choice. The group then submits them to the Drumheller Co-op and in turn the Co-op pays out one per cent of the total, not including GST.  The Co-op disperses cheques twice a year.
    Organizations that have benefitted from the program include Aquadinnies, $345.85; Badlands Historical Centre, $459.35; Bedrock Play School, $3,623.87; Beta Sigma Phi, $6,641.11; Beta Sigma Phi RHO, $6,237.20; Big Country Victims Services, $4415.07; Canadian Badlands Passion Play, $1,223.61; Carbon Legion, $1,328.38; Carbon Shadow Riders, $951.17; Carbon TOPS Chapter, $100.33; Church of The Latter Day Saints, $114.50, Dalum Country Club, $97.80; Dalum Friendship Club, $3,833.46; DARTS, $6,383.99; DCHS Exchange, $78.68; DCHS Christian Program, $556.24; Delia 4-H Multi Club, $393.83; Drumheller 2nd Scout Group, $75.72; Drumheller Alliance Youth Group, $255.11; Drumheller Cubs, $71.25; Drumheller Cancer Centre, $8,203.36; Drumheller Elks Club, $41,517.36; Drumheller Girl Guides, $961.04; Drumheller 2nd Girl Guides; $843.65; Drumheller Gymnastics Club, $153.04; Drumheller Legion; $4,347.55; Drumheller and District Music Festival; $42.64; Drumheller and District Humane Society; $304.50; Drumheller Navy League; $1,577.21; Drumheller Public Library, $5,210.41; Drumheller Scouts, $3,545.10; Drumheller Society for Recovery, $1,051.89, Drumheller Teen Centre $54.13; Drumheller Valley Ski Club, $132.14; East Coulee Playground committee, $592.51;  Fellowship Baptist Church, $1,466.24; Fish and Game Association, $980.38; FunTeam Hockey, $11,646.48; Grace Lutheran Church, $1,428.43; Grace Lutheran Church Youth, $2,740.31; Greentree School Breakfast Program, $1,844.01; Greentree School, $2,231.53; Heart to Heart Society, $16,069.69; Heart and Stroke Foundation; $404.31; Hesketh Community Hall Association,$303.79; Homestead Museum, $325.87; Hussar ECS, $1,601.86; Hussar School Trip fundraiser, $872.20; Kidsport, $47.59; Knox United Church, $7,218.19; Latter Day Saints Youth Group, $1,494.21; Morrin ECS, $3,188.40; Morrin Library, $49.36; Morrin UCW, $2,594.58; Munson Community Association, $2,812.03; Munson Women’s Institute, $1,595.06; Nazarene Church, $4,502.69; Order of the Eastern Star, $443.77; Orkney Athletic Association, $1,791.36; Our Saviors Church, $977.09; Palliative Care, $6,869.01; Rainbow Riders 4-H Club, $198.83; Rosedale Recreation Society, $5,730.87; Drumheller Rotary Club, $294.64; Rumsey-Rowley 4-H beef, $426; The Salvation Army, $3,079.53; DCHS Volleyball, $3,574.99; St. Anthony’s Church, $58.61; St. Anthony’s School, $17,415.59; St. Magloire’s Anglican Women, $2,553.63; STARS, $274.97; Sunshine Lodge, $3,656.22; Tapiskoch Kayas Metis Society, $235.70; Titans Football, $2,848.34; TOPS #5273, $64.31; TOPS #4981, $1,832.94; TOPS #778, 3,527.94; Valley Christian School Society, $593.48; Verdant Valley and Dorcas Women’s Institute, $6,754.05; Wayne Community  Association, $4,058.54 and Youth Bowling, $1,765.32.